Read All Blogs is a place for content from different bloggers collected in one place.

Step 1: Sign Up on Read All Blogs

You must sign up on Read All Blogs and complete your profile.

Step 2: Our system identifies your RSS Feed(automated)

As soon as you submit your details and blog URL, our system will identify your RSS feed. This is an automated process and as a blogger, you don't need to perform any action.

RSS Feed is a file while contains the URL, title, display picture and a short description of your latest articles. You can read more about RSS feed here.

If you're using a Wordpress website, you already have support to RSS feed. You will find your RSS feed at For example, if your website is, you can find your RSS feed at Try it out.

If our system cannot find your RSS feed, you'll hear from us.

Step 3: Our system constantly reads your RSS Feed(automated)

Every 24 hours, our system reads your RSS feed to check if you have submitted a new article. Once you have signed up on Read All Blogs, you do not need to submit your new articles manually. Our system pulls it automatically.

Step 4: Our system categorizes your content(automated)

Every time our system finds a new article, our Machine Learning algorithms determine which is the most appropriate category to place it under. We follow a one to one mapping where each article belongs to only one category.

Step 5: The Article Is shown to readers with matching Interests(automated)

Each logged in user on Read All Blogs chooses his interests. Your articles will be shown to users if the category matches with the interests he/she chose.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Read All Blogs different from other Writing Platforms such as Medium or Substack?

Medium and Substack requires bloggers and writers to write content on their platform. As a result, the content is owned by Medium or Substack and bloggers lose ownership of the content. In addition, Medium and Substack allow only a common design without any scope for adding any additional features.
Read All Blogs, however, is developed by bloggers who understand the bloggers' concern of publishing content on a third party platform. Therefore, bloggers can own their own domain/website and maintain ownership of their content. Read All Blogs only uses your RSS feed to display snippets of your articles and interested readers are redirected to your website.

How does a blogger benefit by submitting his/her blog on Read All Blogs?

Read All Blogs provides exposure to readers other than the current audience. It provides additional traffic to your website and also builds your brand identity.

Do I need to submit my new articles manually?

No. Once you sign up and we identify your RSS feed URL, our system will keep looking for if you've submitted a new article. You do not need to submit the articles manually.

Does having my content on Read All Blogs create duplicate content?

No. Read All Blogs does not display your entire article. It only displays a title, image and a short description. People who click on that snippet will be redirected to your blog.

How often does Read All Blogs scan for new articles?

As of now, our systems read your RSS feed every 24 hours.