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The Necessary Self Portrait
In the age of selfies, what is left?
Footprints, Bobcat, Fresh Snow
I visit these woods, stranger to a foreign land of conifers (juniper and pine).
After The Muslim Ban
I’m glad Biden repealed Trump’s Muslim ban, but the work of repairing the harm is just beginning.
The Three Words That Change Everything
I didn’t realize how much my assumptions were affecting me and everyone around me.
Decolonizing Species Names
New research points out the frequent inequity of species’ scientific names, a longstanding problem that creates barriers to conservation.
The Courage Muscle and How To Develop It
“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” – Brene’ Brown
Pregnancy Temporarily Lowers a Woman’s Voice – New Study
My colleagues and I at the University of Sussex’s Voice Lab wanted to know if pregnancy can also affect a woman’s voice pitch.
Hopes Rise for Some Coral Survival
US scientists have good news about prospects for coral survival on one of the world’s great reefs, threatened by climate change.
How To Deal With the Stuff of Ex-Lover in the Right Way
It’s better for your current relationship that you get rid of all the stuff and here’s why.
Cake Day [Video]
A recovering addict wakes on his '5-year sobriety day', after relapsing the night before.
3 Practical Strategies to Increase Revenue and Growth in Your Business
You can build a six-figure plus business this year by understanding and by implementing these strategies.
Blythe Baird – “Pocket-Sized Feminism” [Video]
The only other girl at the party is ranting about feminism.
Why Islam Is the Fastest-Growing Religion in Japan
What factors led to a sudden surge of the Muslim population in Japan.
Paying People To Tolerate Wildlife Is Not a Magic Bullet for Conser...
Human-wildlife conflict is a complex issue globally.
Document Authentication For Better Business Transactions
— The world is becoming a global village. Many companies are expanding their operations to different parts of the world, both online and offline. There is very big market potential in every c...
How We Think Determines How We Love
Ecstasy or despair — our thinking pattern will make the choice for us.
How Digital Learning Tools Can Help Your Child [Video]
We’ll hear from Katelynn and her mother Lynda in New York on how the digital world has made learning with difference easier.
8 Reasons Patience Is Making Your Life Easier
Forced waiting is helping you become the person you want to be.
Watershed Disabilities Law Strengthens U.S. Firms
The primary protection of the law is nondiscrimination.
Features and Advantages of Hybrid Mattress – Enjoy the Best of Tw...
— Each year the mattress world introduces new and innovative ground-breaking technologies. It is overwhelming and challenging. Decision-making becomes tough. Firm? Soft? Plush? Smartphone-ena...
5 Facts About Unreachable Love That Will Blow Your Mind
Sad but honest. Why he is unattainable?
Library of God [Video]
A slacker tries to prove his life's worth to get into god's 'permanent collection'.
Don’t Argue With Your Parents, You Will Be Accursed!
When a culture positioning kids to feel so defective against their toxic parents.
What to Consider Before Purchasing an Oven
— The modern world has given people options and choices in every product, service, and aspect of life. So, like everything else in the new world ovens also come in a wide variety of forms and...
The Truth and the Myth of Parental Alienation
Men’s rights activists don’t want you to read this story.
Google and Facebook Won’t Rule the World – if We Don’t Buy Th...
Journalists, academics and whistleblowers have all done important work to raise public awareness of the Stasi-like politics of mass data collection.
Arctic Currents Change as Ancient Pacific Did
Changes in Arctic currents today appear to reflect similar changes thousands of years ago – in the North Pacific. Scientists think they may be linked.
My Mother Should Have Known Better
Maybe I should have too. I don’t know who to blame.
Sarah Kay – “Raccoon” [Video]
“I am young enough to know that if you meet a magic cat you must bring him a gift.”
The Secret Message in the Teen Angst Drama Friday Night Lights
What does “clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose” really mean?
How To Check Your Car’s Oil [Video]
I recommend getting your oil changed (at least) every 5,000 miles.
The Paradox of Safe Space
I am more afraid of being seen by identity-like individuals and being “boxed in” by their need for uniqueness.
Self-Audits: The Key to Becoming the Person You Want to Be
— Consider any professional environment in which people are continually striving to improve. You will notice some key things. For example, everyone involved is working toward certain goals. A...
A Place to Call Home
For some of us it may take a lifetime.
Quarantine Chronicles: The Moores (Ep. 4) [Video]
Bonding with my sibling during tough times.
Why Your Business Should Focus on Sustainability to Retain Customers
Customers are likely to choose a sustainable business over one that is not. Therefore, as a business, you should focus on common sustainability practices such as recycling, having a walk or cycle t...
Graphic Novel Preview: “Seekers of the Aweto”!
Award-Winning Cartoonist Nie Jun & Graphic Universes Four Volume Series Debuts with “The Hunt IS On” this March!
After High School Trauma and Housing Insecurity, Gay Man Finds His ...
After a high school rumor about sexual harassment sent his life into a tailspin, Nico Ramsey put his college plans on hold to figure out who he was.
How to Get the Best Car Finance Deal
— Car finance doesn’t have to be confusing, and it can be a common misconception that the whole process is complicated, time-consuming, and expensive but it doesn’t have to be! Finding th...
The Walking Dead Characters: Rick Grimes and the Moral Future
A look at the characters' moral codes, values, and attitudes to violence.
Enough ‘Blah Blah Blah’ From Global Elites, Greta Thunberg Decl...
“I’m only here to once again remind you of the emergency we are in. The crisis that you and your predecessors have created and inflicted upon us.”
5 Powerful Lessons About Love From the Badass Pastor Cal
The love guru of 'Married At First Sight' drops relevant truth bombs.
Connecting the Unconnected
Supporting community networks and other community-based connectivity initiatives.
The Land of Whiskey: Best Distilleries in Ireland (And What to Try)
— While there’s nothing wrong with tasting some fantastic Irish whiskey at a bar or even pouring one for yourself at home, there’s nothing quite like a tour of a working distillery if you...
I Had a Cotton Swab Stuck in My Ear. What It Taught Me Can Help You...
Your kids don’t need you any less during a crisis!
What Was Missing in Australia’s $1.9 Billion Infrastructure Annou...
An absence of attention paid to soft infrastructure isn’t just the case in Australia, it’s true globally.
UK and Us Scientists Tackle Antarctic Glacier
British and American scientists are joining forces to research the melting of an Antarctic glacier in what they are calling a race against time.
Line Forms Here
Another day in paradise.
Why Do You Love Your Brother??? All Siblings Respond [Video]
We find out what they love most about their little brother!
5 Ways To Overcome Your Fear of Starting To Love Again
How can you beat the fear of abandonment to build a lasting relationship?
To Dye for! Coloring the Beard in the 19th Century
Grey hair was an outward sign of the loss of bodily heat.
I Tried 30 Days of Yoga
Here are some highlights of the experience and what I learned.
How To Iron a Dress Shirt [Video]
Dad shows us how to iron a shirt.
You Are Your Own Worst Enemy, but Don’t Forget to Be Your Own Bes...
All the joys of friendship, without the traffic.
“America Is Our Religion”
The founding myth and Christian nationalism intersect.
How To Deal With Returning To School After COVID-19
— Homeschooling and working from home have been the reality for most people for nearly a year now, and this has caused major anxiety within many families. Although it has been the norm for a ...
Cause and Effect
Good things/Bad things are not so clear anymore.
Why Some Friendships Take All Your Energy
Three critical questions to ask before putting someone in the “true friend” category.
Fibromyalgia and the Dragon That’s Me
Hoarding energy and gratefulness
Kids Already Coping With Mental Disorders Spiral as Pandemic Topple...
When the pandemic forced schools and doctors’ offices to close last spring, it also cut children off from the trained teachers and therapists who understand their needs.
8 Signs You’re Still in Love
You may feel like your relationship has run its course, but don’t give up just yet.
Eco-Friendly Ways To Increase Home Value
One of the most valuable areas of your home is the bathroom.
Why Heartbreak Is Not a Metaphor
And why it is important to feel the pain.
Waking Up Next to You
Why can’t people just leave their phones alone and enjoy a good nights of sleep?
Perfectionism Is Dangerous, and Here Is Why
The comparison among youth groups has explained the higher incidence of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.`
As the Details Emerge on Australia’s New Space Agency, We (Might)...
What can also not be ignored in the federal budget is the A$260 million for a space-based augmentation system (SBAS) to improve satellite navigation and geospatial technologies.
Boost Planned for Global Climate Treaty
The future of the global climate treaty could hang on the outcome of talks under way in Germany aimed at turning its promises into action.
My Sentimental Connection With Capers and the Art Museum
The one date that changed my romantic life forever.
My Day off From Adulting
Sometimes you have to stop “adulting” to continue living.
Achieve Your Mission In Your Relationship
What’s your action plan when things have flatlined?
1,500km in 10 Days [Video]
Ultimate Cyprus roadtrip.
Wanda Tries to Have a Day to Herself in ‘Breaking the Fourth Wall’
Wanda regrets something she did in ‘Breaking the Fourth Wall’ Last time on WandaVision, Vision started noticing more odd things happening in Westview. Meanwhile Wanda is trying to get t...
Dementia: Everything Has Changed, Nothing Has Changed
Nursing home care is largely for people with cognitive issues, and they’ve become our ‘undeserving ill’.
The Future of Dating Online: Matchmaking
— Technology has advanced, social media keeps evolving, we have our whole lives in the palm of our hands, and on top of it, COVID came to show us how fast life as we know it can change in the...
Do We Feel Free When We Make Hard Decisions?
A psychological perspective on feelings of freedom in decision-making.
Peter Laberge – “Boy Saint” [Video]
In the beginning we were one blood than the body stem of thorns grew it's disagreement from the inside out.
7 Habits of Hopelessly Romantic Partners
Finding the partner of a lifetime — let the warm, fuzzy feelings fly.
7 Ways To Rise Above Grumpy Leadership
Happy people are more successful than grumps.
Welcome to America
Millions of Americans feel today what POC have been feeling for a century.
How to Trick a Lion
Do you ever look at a three-pin power socket and see a face in a place?
Are We Still Reading for Leisure?
Practical reading vs leisure reading.
Our Universe Is Too Vast for Even the Most Imaginative Sci-Fi
‘The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.’
So One Time, at Sex Camp…
Talking to teens about intimacy.
Farmers and Cropdusting Pilots on the Great Plains Worried About Pe...
After World War II, U.S. farmers began using new chemicals, many developed during the war, to fight pests.
North Sea Clean-up Costs ‘Likely To Double’
The UK government has under-estimated the country’s North Sea clean-up costs, which may double the expected price of decommissioning oil and gas.
Making Memories To Look Back On
Lockdown doesn’t have to mean lost time…maybe it’s a perfect opportunity?
Hope Is a Choice
The ballet ensemble of the city of trier dances for the ban on nuclear weapons.
What To Do When Things Are Out of Your Control
Stop expecting, start accepting.
Dasan Ahanu – “Conversation With God” [Video]
“I asked God, ‘What is it like to get all the credit without none of the blame?’”
Did My Kids Ruin My Life/Dreams??? [Video]
The Kids Learned in homeschool about recycling. It got me to think about how much of my hip hop career was trash and I figured out that I actually recycled my career and made a new purpose.
5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking the Leap To Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship brings a lot of freedom, responsibility, and risks, and before people commit to taking that big step there are several important questions they should ask themselves, says Tim Mercer
Are You Alive or Just Existing?
Tips to jumpstart your life in 2021.
The Sexual Appetite of Ancient Women
The myth about sex and the older woman.
Seeking Stillness
The elusive feeling that everything’s ok.
Planet Plastic
The vast tonnage of this trash increases every minute, with an afterlife lasting centuries.
I Need a Break From My Kids
The guilt and stress of a ‘worry-free’ lockdown.
The Danger of Hiding Your Imperfections in Dating
The sooner you show someone who you really are, the quicker you know if they accept you for who you are.
Grizzly Bear Recovery In The Lower 48: Is It Possible?
Patches of habitat remain in Yellowstone and North Cascades.
Why True Love Is Very Rare
The harsh truth about love.
Greedy Growth Begins 2021 With A Strong Entrance Into The Football ...
— Social media is of no doubt a top priority for brands wanting to sell their products and services, and also build up credibility within the respective platforms they seek to gain attention ...
Kapaemahu [Video]
A Hawaiian story of healing and aloha has been hidden from history -- until now.
How You Can Be Inspired Without Copying
Don’t ruin your unique style.
Adapting To Sudden Changes in Your Routine [Video]
For some parents, it's been a surprise to see how well their kids have adapted to change this year.
The Space Between Us
Fear is now love.
Trump’s Twitter Feed Shows ‘Arc of the Hero,’ From Savior To ...
Trump’s tweets depict himself as the lone savior of America.
Turbulent California Weather in Prospect
Turbulent California faces a future of parched croplands and then flooded townships. Climate scientists call such things whiplash events.
The End of Parental Leave — a Scary but Real Nightmare
Why I’m dreading my parental leave finishing.
RJ Walker – “Brick” [Video]
Brick is good at being brick.
I Fell in Love With My Best Friend
I knew he was the one, but could our friendship out weight the love?
The Western United States Is a Hotspot for Snow Droughts
A new study compares snowpack across the world and offers a tool to help scientists pinpoint where this critical resource is waning — and what that means for ecosystems and economies.
Style It Like a Footballer: Interview With Hairbond Owner Scott Mic...
— There’s the Bentley’s, the Rolex’s and the designer suits, but we noticed something else trending amongst professional footballers which you might not be as familiar with....
Day in the Life 6 Year Old Black Kid [Video]
"If you're fortunate to be doing life with someone else make sure you watch this video with them."
How Business Leaders Can Leverage Tenacity
“If there is one attribute that determines success, it’s tenacity,” says Lycka
What Children Will Do for a Donut
Sometimes asking is not enough.
I Used To Think Gratitude Was a Flowery, New Age Gesture [Podcast]
Did you know the Buddha first taught contemplation of human corpses before teaching meditation on the breath?
Basketball Skills and Drills
— In basketball, skills and moves are both of great importance. If you want to be an elite and exceptional player, you need to improve your various skills as well as physical moves performed ...
Donald Trump’s America
The struggle for equality continues.
Race and Dating in the LGBTQ+ Community [Podcast]
Are racial preferences in dating inherently racist?
5 Tips to Help Foster a Happier, Healthier Work Culture
— The COVID-19 pandemic has put workers in the United States in a rather precarious situation, with high unemployment, yet a lot of job offerings to choose from (depending on your field of wo...
How African Body Markings Were Used To Construct the Idea of Race i...
A man in Brazil attends an event memorialising the struggle of black people and Africans against slavery.
3°C May Double Europe’s Drought Risk
The big heat is on the way. As the world warms, so will Europe’s drought risk, and its soils will turn increasingly dry.
The Collateral of Comparison
“Comparison is the thief of joy.” — Theodore Roosevelt
End the Subminimum Tipped Wage
This Black History Month, we have a chance to end this relic of slavery — and raise wages for workers of every color.
Use These Six Steps To Grow From a Break Up
Learn how to thrive, not just survive.
Does God Exist?
Well, it depends on what you mean by God.
Coronavirus Travel Insurance: Why Is It Important?
— Traveling had long since been under the wraps since the start of the pandemic last year. The virus COVID-19 has hit most countries worldwide, making traveling almost impossible. However, wi...
Toy Association Announces Top Toy TrendsS of 2021
Typically a staple of TOYFAIR NY, at Javits Center. The Toy Association made their announcement virtually! Rediscovering Play; Not Just for Kids; Mixing in Music, Zen-Sational Toys, & Socially...
We Carry It With Us
Love made simple.
How to Recruit and Hire Top Remote Employees This Year
— Whereas in the old days working remotely used to be an advantage, this year has decided to turn it into a necessity for most companies that benefit from the infrastructure to do so. It is u...
Take a Look at These Emerald City Comic Con 2021 Funko Pops
Get your first look at these Emerald City Comic Con 2021 Funko Pops Each year, tons of new Funko Pops come out. Some really good ones are available at special events like San Diego Comic Con, D23 E...
A Ukrainian Businessman From the United States Shared His Experience
— At the beginning of any project, people are usually overwhelmed with doubts and fears. The best way to deal with both is to get inspired by a success story. Ihor Myza, originally from Odess...
Daddy Issues? I Don’t Think So
Why we should stop perpetuating stereotypes when it comes to dating.
Guide on UAE Court Marriage for Expats
— This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice. The UAE offers a staggering variety of stunning wedding backdrops, plus it’s considered th...
The Emerging Social Media App
— Similar to other social media applications, anyone who registers for an account on Instagram will have a personal profile and a feed. Instagram is primarily used for sharing pictures and vi...
Education Won’t Stop Conspiracy Theories
Formal education is often a mark of privilege, not intelligence.
Here’s Why Self-Care Is Not Selfish
Selfishness excludes others, while self-care does not.
The Texas Climate and Energy Phenomena
Today, Texas is faced with two old concepts of society that are absolutely obsolete.
Digital Hoarders: We’ve Identified Four Types – Which Are You?
A case study published in the British Medical Journal in 2015 described a 47-year-old man who, as well as hoarding physical objects, took around 1,000 digital photographs every day.
Confusion Reigns Over China’s Energy Policy
China’s energy policy seems perplexing: coal use reductions at home, while abroad it is helping to build coal-fired power plants.
Parenting Against Gravity
The difficulties of learning how to parent.
Focus on Impact Instead of Income and You’ll Get Both
When you make an impact in people’s lives, you create life-long customers.
Bruce Springsteen Poignantly Asked Us To Meet in the Middle
But where is such a place for people who think our leaders drink baby’s blood?
Zed and Ray’s Love Story [Video]
"I have grown the most I've ever grown in life with you."
Usman Hameedi – “College Admissions” [Video]
Wealthy parents paid consultants to cheat their kid's way into college.
Trade Titles for Transformation
My lessons from this experiment so far.
5 Habits Successful Entrepreneurs Use to Build Their Empires
If you were to study successful entrepreneurs what you would find might surprise you.
Forget Ted Cruz, What’s Really Missing in Texas Is the Green New ...
Lives are already being lost because of texas politicians’ refusal to acknowledge and prepare for the realities of the climate crisis.
A Beautiful Bond Between Men and Dogs
— The bond between a dog and a human being is unique and quite different from human bonds or relationships. Dogs tend to gain the trust of their humans in return for food, shelter, and warmth...
Caught Up in the Current
If you swim with the crowd, will you be carried out to sea?
Check Out These Hamilton Funko Pops
Take a look at these Hamilton Funko Pops It wasn’t until it came to Disney Plus that I finally watched Hamilton. I have to say it was one of the best musicals I have ever seen. The songs were...
The Pros and Cons of 3 Month Payday Loans
— Short-term loans are convenient for those who are temporarily strapped for cash and need to pay emergency expenses. Depending on where you go and what you choose, you are allotted a certain...
Don’t Chase Fame at the Cost of Your Privacy
Six things parents shall watch out to avoid online fraud traps.
6 Ways To Develop Positivity
— Often times the stream of negative news surrounding us can weigh heavily on our well-being. It can impact our ability to effectively identify positive aspects of our lives – we can develo...
Prominent Harvard Professor Pilloried for Peddling Revisionist Hist...
'There are three big Japanese right-wing talking points and Ramseyer has parroted them all.'
When Kids Burst Your Snow Bubble
Expectations + Parenting = $!@#*
New Study Finding Success in Supporting Parents of Neurodiverse Kids
The study offers a welcome helping hand for parents during the pandemic.
What Is the ‘Boogaloo’ and Who Are the Rioters Who Stormed the ...
Several articles by scholars of violent extremism, white supremacy and militias explain the path down which these rioters and insurrectionists seek to take America.
More Variable Climate Means a Less Just World
A more variable climate spells another injustice in a warming world, with the poorest people likely yet again to feel the heat most intensely.
7 Signs You Have Found the Partner That’s Right for You
Sometimes we miss these obvious signs…
Avarya [Video]
A man is trapped on a spaceship after his robot overseer finds every planet uninhabitable.
What is Harry Styles Merch?
— Harry Styles is a well-known person. He is known for the mixtapes he released all the year. He is a very famous person. He has a lot of fans. Fans are always hungry to show their love for t...
Why Don’t Our Doctors Communicate With Us—or Even With Each Other?
By keeping secrets, medical professionals may themselves be a threat, not only to our well-being but also to our ongoing health and longevity.
Top 5 Skills Everyone Should Have
— Being a person in today’s world comes with a lot of responsibility. We have our families, careers, passions, things we enjoy, and other things that we don’t. Being a human being is comp...
5 High-Paying Career Opportunities For Tech-Savvy Men
— There are several high-paying, in-demand job opportunities for tech-savvy men. Careers in technology allow tech-savvy professionals to work in a rapidly-growing industry with increasing car...
3 Reasons Why Your Relationships Keep Failing
And what you can do about it.
Dear Tiger
"This isn’t a eulogy; this is a celebration."
Are They Avoidantly Attached or Just Not That Into You?
Knowing whether it’s self-preservation or if they’re just not interested.
10 Tips for Maintaining Your Vacuum Cleaner
— When you spend $300 to $700 on a high-end vacuum cleaner, unless you didn’t need your $600 stimulus check on groceries or rent and cashed in on a high-class vacuum, you want that vacu...
April 2021 Kodansha Comics Digital Manga Debuts Announced!
Alex Yarde reveals all the amazing digital manga series debuts coming from Kodansha Comics in April 2021!
5 Ways Virtual & Augmentative Reality Are Changing the Shopping Exp...
— Over the last decade, virtual and augmentative reality has revolutionized the shopping experience worldwide. While most consumers don’t realize it, considering the changes continue to...
Mother! Ending Explained
We explain what happened at the end, its religious symbols, climate change allegory and more.
3 Reasons Why I Recommend Dating a Medium Writer
And yes, she’s probably reading this too.
5 Things a Relationship Can’t Give You
Sometimes love is not enough.
Immigrant Families Reconnect To Cultural Practices During the Pandemic
From making comfort food to speaking with ancestors, immigrant families across the U.S. Are turning to cultural traditions to cope with the isolation and stress of quarantine.
5 Subtle Ways To Gauge Relationship Potential From Your First Date
Some familiar advice, applied in unconventional ways.
Symbols of White Supremacy Flew Proudly at the Capitol Riot – 5 E...
Perhaps the most recognized symbol of white supremacy was the Confederate battle flag.
Tourism’s Climate Footprint Soars
Tourism ‘s climate footprint is formidable. The industry is not just big business, but a big carbon emitter as well, new research finds.
My Lexicon of Bliss and Happiness
So…how did this come about?
Six Ways To ‘Reboot Your Brain’ After a Hard Year of COVID-19 ...
To enjoy our lives in 2021, we need to snap out of destructive habits and get our energy levels back.
20 Positive Things to Say to Your Child
Make their day, and yours, with simple questions and statements.
Congress Must Pass the for the People Act
Republicans and Democratic voters agree: We need to make sure leaders actually represent “We the people”.
When Love and Happiness Are Not a Side Business
Relationships are wonderful at the start but entrepreneurship in all its forms can challenge that wonderful feeling.
Texas Blackouts Show Us How Electric Vehicles Can Help Solve Big Pr...
EVs can help power homes and buildings in disasters — but only if automakers, utilities, local emergency planners and regulators start working on it now.
Tips for Co-Existing: Remote Working Parents & Virtual Learning Chi...
— One year into the pandemic and your children’s virtual learning experience likely continues to be challenging at best. To help with the discipline and learning curve needed for successful...
No Longer Selling My Soul for Love
I believed that unless I had an open-door policy, eventually no one would come knocking and I would be rendered lonely and isolated. I can laugh at that now, but back then, my "savior behavior" tha...
How To Self-Love and Save Your Life
I was just a few years from losing it and this choice changed the course of everything.
Am I Finally Growing Up
Or just growing old?
3 Crucial Lessons From a Relationship I Stayed in for Too Long
What you view as a tragedy can very well be an opportunity.
Starting a Business in the Philippines
— With its growing middle-class income, sustained urbanization, and a mostly young population, the Philippines economy is anchored on strong consumer demand and supported by robust remittance...
Whatever Happened to Innovation on Social Networks?
Users are no longer clear which one they are on.
Trust Me, I’m Sick Part 3 [Video]
How our friends and families reacted to chronic illness.
New Clues to Help Monarch Conservation Efforts
Planting milkweed can help monarch butterflies, but new research shows that there’s still a lot we can learn about how to do that effectively.
Working Moms: When You’re Feeling Down and Out, There Are a Few T...
Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re not good enough — especially you.
The Journey From Addiction to Recovery, and Beyond With Eric Paskin
— It is often said that recovery from alcohol and substance abuse and addiction is a lifelong journey, yet for Eric Paskin, this rings more true than for most. Having gone through the trials ...
Downtown Kingston’s New Murals Brighten Jamaica’s COVID-19 Gloom
An investment in the country's 'raw talent, culture and heritage'
Music Therapy: A Trend for Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment
Music encourages interaction and communication to children with autism.
How You Can Make Daily Progress in Your Life
Even after experiencing a massive loss.
A Forgotten Coup in the American Heartland Echoes Trump
A sudden, decisive exercise of force in politics.”
Coral Island Freshwater Faces Pollution Risk
People on low-lying coral atolls need not wait until the rising seas lap at their feet. It’s the island freshwater that is first at risk.
Feeling Overwhelmed? Do These 3 Tips My Therapist Told Me
Be aware of what is reality and what is thoughts.
Listening To the City
Architecture as soundscape.
50 Years of 50 Friends = 50 Letters of Gratitude
If I have regrets in my life, and I do, one is not appreciating people enough. In my next 50 years, I plan to do a whole lot better.
How Can I Make Her Happy?
Do you suppress your wants and needs for your partner?
The Root of Violence in the United States Lies in the White Community
  By David Andersson Not long ago, Waging Nonviolence published an article entitled, “The roots of revolutionary nonviolence in the United States are in the Black community.” The article c...
Criticism and the Creator
Changing the narrative of the inner critic, and learning graciously from the outward ones.
A Diversity of Flowering Plants is Key to Bees and Bumblebees
Bees and bumblebees have fallen on hard times.
Asking Someone Out Guide: What to Do to Get ‘Yes’
— No doubt, starting communication and meeting on online dating sites are less stressful than offline. When you talk to someone in person, there is no time for searching for proper words. To ...
Najya Williams – “Hoodie X the Soul of Ferguson” [Video]
“I feel the pain of my heart shredding into pieces because I’m waiting for that phone call to come at midnight.”
Falling in Love With a Dreamer
Written by a dream-maker.
Lent: For Catholics, a Month of Prayer Instead of Privilege
This year, because of COVID, that applies to more than Catholics. A good time for a book about a man who wasn't a Christian but who definitely shared the Gospel.
Trauma: Expectations vs. Reality
The problem was in the mirror.
Self Awareness in Isolation: A Call for Submissions
What have you learned about yourself during the last year?
4 Green Flags To Look Forward To in Relationships
How to know you’ve found a keeper.
America’s Future: Trillionaire Trust Fund Babies?
Billionaire wealth is exploding. They’re passing that wealth to heirs and heiresses virtually tax-free.
How To Be More Active in Your 30s
— Many people find transitioning into middle age to be difficult. Emotionally, mentally, and physically, living your best life in your 30s can be a challenge on multiple levels. And that’s ...
How Law Enforcement Is Using Technology To Track Down People Who At...
Facial recognition systems work by matching a face in a video or photo with a face in a database that is associated with a person’s name and other identifying information.
Bonn Climate Talks Make Gradual Progress
Despite the “missing in action” US, delegates say the Bonn climate talks just ended made progress – but too little and too slowly.
A Man That Goes His Own Way Eventually Finds His Way
I am a man who loved myself enough to take a season of solitude to heal, be still and find out what brings me joy. I had to travel through the unknown to find something new.
My Life in Syria vs Lebanon: 10 Major Differences [Video]
I was lucky enough to get to explore both Syria and Lebanon in the same trip
Why Do They Have Mixed Feelings?
They are always in doubt, trying to figure it out.
How One Rural Community Creatively Solved Keeping Its Residents Wel...
The people of Comox Valley broke many molds to keep people fed through COVID-19 and got its government’s attention on food security.
How UK Employers are Dealing With COVID 19 Testing for Employees?
Testing remains a powerful tool against the spread of COVID 19. Workplace testing, in particular, has raised questions, and these are discussed in this article.
Beard Fashions and Class
Over the past few centuries, fashions in facial hair have changed substantially.
Host, Parasite, and Failure at the Colony Level: COVID-19 and the U...
How human success against the virus has come from the rapid generation and dissemination of science and public health information (including preprints and data sharing).
My Husband Killed My Joy To Sing
A eulogy to my vulnerable self.
Review: Fashioned From Nature
The first elaborate article of clothing one encounters in the shenzhen show is an ornate dress created for a member of britain’s social elite for appearances at the royal court in the 1760s.
4 Tips for Staying Healthy
— Maintaining good health is a struggle for many individuals. That’s especially true for people entering middle age and beyond. As we get older, it becomes more difficult to retain weight l...
How Was I Rewarded for Risking Love for a Man With Bad Boy Reputation
His many admirers disclosed all the forthcoming dangers of our relationship.
Travis Bott’s Incentive Programs are Driving More Users Into the ...
— Travis Bott is one of the leading figures that is taking furthering the adoption and widespread use of cryptocurrency. He has had a tremendous impact on the industry, as his unwavering comm...
What 2020 Was Like for the Wife of a Non-Citizen
We’re a young couple with big dreams and goals. However, we are being held back by a haphazard and confused organization.
How a Social Media Group Is Helping To Improve Railway Service in B...
Fans' group is dedicated to sharing information and helping passengers
Why We Need More Negative People in Our Life
Mastering the skills of becoming comfortable in discomfort.
Why People are Turning to Eco Friendly Toilet Paper
— Every day more and more people are looking for ways to save our planet. This is why so many folks are turning to eco-friendly toilet paper. It’s one of the smallest things in life that ca...
History Slam Episode 173: How We Helped
In 1935, a group of Ottawa social workers came together to form the Eastern Ontario Branch of the Canadian Association of Social Workers.
5 Websites To Help Educate About the Horrors of the Holocaust
Since the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe in early 2020, teachers have adapted instruction to make use of existing and emerging technologies.
Planetary Climate Influence Has Age-Old Effect
There is such a thing as planetary climate influence which changes the Earth over aeons. Now scientists know just how it happens.
What Happened To Them?
The not-so-welcoming world of cyber-loss.
24 Hours as a Pro Footballer vs Pro Gamer [Video]
Did anything in the two daily routines surprise you?
An Open Letter To Anti-Feminist Bettina Arndt
What it’s like to live with domestic violence, and why your stance as an apologist for perpetrators is endangering women.
The Periphery
Where radical innovation occurs
Losing the War Against Baldness? It’s Time to Change Your Strategy
— You’ve tried pretty much every cream, pill, and shampoo in the hair loss aisle. But you still feel like you’re losing the war against male pattern baldness. The enemy seems to be gainin...
Scaling up Reforestation Can Help Us Manage Climate Change
“The bottom line will be that we need to find better ways to manage what we already have.”
What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Locksmith Services Company?
— We often find ourselves stuck in situations where we need a locksmith urgently, right? This is where you need to hire a locksmith services company that will help you in case of an emergency...
What if Things Turn Out Great?
Reduce negative thinking by asking positive questions.
MadeMan Skincare is Helping Men Everywhere Leave a Lasting First Im...
— Jeremy Gardner lives his life at a rapid pace, juggling his cryptocurrency empire and investment fund, Ausum Ventures, while at the same time trying to overcome personal hurdles with his sk...
Lewis Mccaleb – “Black Lives Matter” [Video]
“I wonder why it took so long to realize Black Lives Matter?”
When Your Marriage Doesn’t Feel Like a Marriage
The question is, what can you do about it?
How To Save Money When You Have a Low Income
Income itself has very little to do with savings rates.
Where Will Our Children Go?
Until their future is here.
How To Work With Fear, Anxiety, and Other Difficult Emotions [Podcast]
This episode is about learning to be with your feelings by practicing mindfulness meditation.
Why We Only Give the Mic to Loudmouths
Very often we opt out of speaking up; aggressive people don’t.
Time to Negotiate for Peace in Space!
"If the U.S. and other nations continue the current drift toward organizing and equipping to wage war in space, Russia, China and others will strive to improve capabilities to destroy U.S. space as...
What To Do When You Feel Useless
Choose compassion. Always.
Overhaul the USDA
For decades, the agriculture department has been indifferent to struggling rural communities. That has to change.
Stay Prepared With Guards for Men
— Male incontinence isn’t rare, and the need for reliable incontinence aids is growing all of the time. Are you in need of incontinence care? Become acquainted with slim guards for men R...
Maverick Modigliani Review: Unimaginative Documentary Avoids the Dr...
In a career of 15 years, he painted over 400 pictures, made a handful of stone carvings, and produced an archive of drawings before succumbing to tubercular meningitis at the age of 35 in 1920.
Warming Planet Faces Cooling Crisis
As climate change warms the Earth, one significant concern is the cooling crisis, the quest for energy-hungry artificial ways to keep ourselves cool.
Did Trumpists Listen to Amanda Gorman’s Verbal Pointillism?
A young Black girl delivers us a message from heaven.
I Wish I Knew This Before I Had Kids [Video]
Fatherhood in a way that edified and challenged each of us.
How Anthropology Can Change the Future
Anthropology teaches individuals how to be more aware about the world, instead of settling for ignorance.
CBA15: Can Adaptation Be a Superhero in the ‘Super Year’ for Cl...
In the 'super year' events in 2021 and beyond, we want to see countries commit to innovation in the adaptation space.
Self-Love Is a Myth if You Don’t Acknowledge Your Imperfections
All of it boils down to a simple question — “Do you like what you see in the mirror?”
We Need To Start Giving Soft Skills More Credit
It’s time for a national skills and experience strategy.
“Broadway Will Be Back” – Initiative to Support the Broadway...
In support of the Broadway WILL Be Back campaign, Broadway Records will work with the Times Square Alliance ( and other leaders in NYC's Tourism industry to promote the Broadway Dream V...
Is Zen Enlightenment Real?
I never knew any meditator who seemed enlightened – did you?
The Secrets To Your Life’s Happiness Now
You can gain and apply daily wisdom to get the life you want today.
How to Select the Right Divorce Coach
— Divorce is made up of a bunch of unfamiliar events, requirements, emotions, and behaviors for most people. Usually, it is a very confusing time period. Because divorce is so confusing, unfa...
What No One Told Me About Marriage
There was a lot I wasn’t prepared for.
Embracing Your Career Risks: Most Dangerous Jobs in Construction
— With every job, regardless of the industry, there’s going to be some type of risk involved. But risks don’t scare people away from jobs, especially when they’re passionate about it. F...
New Russian Law Demands Self-Censorship From Social Media Platforms
Popular platforms are now required to proactively block prohibited content
Insulating Your Home The Planet Friendly Way
How does eco-friendly insulation work?
5 Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit
— Jumpsuits are, without a doubt, a form of voice. A striking look is produced by the head-to-toe, all-in-one garment that goes past a plain dress or trousers and top combination into more tr...
As Scientists Turn Their Attention To COVID-19, Other Research Is N...
A molecular biologist at the University Clinical Research Center in Mali works in a COVID-19 testing lab.
Birds Go Hungry as Warmth Means Earlier Springs
Climate change means warmer and earlier springs. And that may be of no help to those bird species that get the timing wrong.
How I Broke My Boundaries Through My Journey as a Feminist
The meaning and definition of the word has significantly changed for me now.
Michael Lee – “Just Yesterday” [Video]
“Sometimes, I too want to be a poem. I don’t want to be this pain, but the language used to unearth it.”
When Everything We Say Seems Wrong
It’s time to try the “less is more” approach to reading between the lines.
No More Wings [Video]
2 friends meet at their favorite fried chicken shop. But their lives have diverged.
Your Life Is Art (or It Can Be)
There are things we get through and there are things we create through.
Your Shadow Is Your Superpower
As long as you know how to tame it.
6 Space Saving Hacks For Small Homes
— In this age of space-saving interior innovations, living in a small apartment is no longer an excuse for having a cluttered apartment. You can make the available space work with a little or...
Alabama Senate Passes Extreme, Reckless Bill Prohibiting Medical Pr...
This bill – the first of its kind in the nation – would criminalize doctors for providing medically necessary care to transgender youth and require schools to out transgender kids. Should the H...
Laugh and Learn at the Same Time Reading ‘Young Leonardo’
Learn all about the early days of this man in ‘Young Leonardo’ I know a little bit about Leonardo Da Vinci. They were a revolutionary person who created all kinds of amazing things. The...
The Rollercoaster Ride of a Toxic Relationship
What goes up must eventually come down.
Crypto Savings Account: What Are Its Purposes And Why Is It Worth It?
— The year 2020 has been a tough year for the stocks market, because of the ongoing pandemic. It has however been a very rewarding one for cryptocurrencies. As an illustration, Ethereum based...
Expanding Your Family? Here Are Ways to Save for the Future
— Adding another child to your family is a joyous decision, but it can also cause anxiety if you begin to contemplate how much it will cost over a lifetime. You may consider moving to a bigge...
Your Marriage Can’t Survive on Yesterday’s Love
Most people’s marriages get worse over time.
Symptoms To Look for After a Fall
Falling and slipping accidents are very common, and seniors are often the group most prone to fall.
Ascend Agency Brings Inspiring Success Stories Out to the World for...
— There are many inspiring stories of success that could help others get motivated and muster up the courage to actualize their great potential. However, getting those stories out to the worl...
5 Reasons Why You and Your Partner Can’t Stop Arguing
And how you can start resolving the issues.
All You Need to Know About Shoulder Pads
— It’s no secret that football is an immensely physical game. Its vast physicality is one of the main reasons it’s highly revered by millions of fans worldwide. Yearly, football p...
My Battle With Depression [Video]
God doesn't put you in situations in life that you can't handle.
Why You Should Treat Feng Shui as a Personal Development Tool
Instead of using it to manifest the life of your dreams.
Deepfakes-Should We Be Concerned?
— Browsing through YouTube the other day, I stumbled upon a web series called Sassy Justice by the creators of South Park. The series uses deepfake technology to create a world with fictional...
Curious Kids: How Is History Written and Who Writes It?
How is history written and who writes it? – Zoe, aged ten, Glasgow, Scotland
Kelp Forests Under Threat From Acid Seas
The kelp forests – those towering submarine tangles of brown seaweeds – may not survive the steady change of ocean chemistry.
Elephant in the Room
Counterterrorism agencies shouldn't need a magnifying glass for this one.
Should You Destroy Mementos After a Breakup?
Do your memories need a box or a bonfire?
The Great Divorce of the Century
  By David Andersson Millions lost their jobs and their money, some kept their jobs and their money, and others got even more money without doing much. This situation didn’t start with the p...
How To Create the Best Version of Yourself
10 steps to help you find a livelong process for joy and success.
How Video Conferencing Plays A Vital Role in Business Growth
— Today the businesses are moving towards mobility. Moreover, the current situation of the global pandemic has aggravated the need to improvise communication methods. But, thanks to technolog...
The Coronavirus Pandemic and Evolving Gender Roles
The disparate impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic.
Expanding Medical Assistance in Dying Legislation Threatens To Repl...
We really need to get this right for persons with disabilities.
In Stores Now: The Child, The Iron Giant, and Wonder Woman! From Di...
The last week of February, three new items are hitting comic shops from Diamond Select Toys!
Economics Versus Biodiversity?
A response to the Dasgupta Report.
Never Skip Leg Day! Five Squats You Can Do At Home!
— Training the legs is often seen as an arduous and painstaking task. To be honest, people generally overlook training their legs, and on the other hand fitness trainers emphasize training le...
Friends: The Romance of Friendship
The humor and stories on the show underlined the crucial impact of friends in shaping who we are.
Every Moment Counts
Cherish every moment…take time to express love and build relationships.
Taylor and Kimber’s Grindr Love Story [Video]
"He's become like a tattoo on my body, I can't get rid of him."
Lost and Found: The Struggle To Preserve Nepal’s Linguistic Heritage
Of 129 spoken languages identified in 2019, at least 24 are endangered
8 Signs Your Loved One Is Not Being Monitored in a Nursing Home
— This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice. It is never easy for a family faced with sending an elderly loved one to a nursing home. But whe...
You’re Not Giving Up on Yourself if You Buy Bigger Clothes
It’s one of the most important steps towards finding food freedom.
Wikipedia at 20: Why It Often Overlooks Stories of Women in History
We are a historian and librarian at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and we’re taking steps to empower our students and our global community to address issues of gender bias on Wikipedia.
Record Heat Means Hurricanes Gain Ferocity Faster
Hurricane forces are accelerating, and devastating floods can be linked to warmer oceans. But climate change is not the only factor.
4 Things to Check to Create an Inclusive Company. Number 3 Might Su...
Inclusion takes time. But, if you’re not willing to change yourself, there’s no hope for your company.
Timo’s Winter [Video]
A young boy who lives among carnival workers faces the hardest winter of his life.
Don’t Wait, Just Create With Heather Nichols [Podcast]
Heather Nichols joins Simone on today’s episode to talk about creating more with business and money this year.
Ecocide is the destruction of large areas of the natural environment as a consequence of human activity.
‘Sorry’ Is Not a Magic Word!
It’s the intentions behind it that matter.
Keep Your Christian Hegemony Off Our Bodies and Off Our Souls!
If Jesus were so wonderful, you wouldn't have to promote him through the mail like a free sample of toothpaste or garbage bags.
Taking up Space
It happens one thought at a time, one act of love at a time, one commitment at a time. Make the day you were born more than just a number on a calendar; Let it be a celebration of the instant you b...
Is My Child Ready for Camp?
— Every child is unique, so deciding if a child is ready for kids camp is a very individual thing. Luckily, here are some general rules to help you make that decision: Does your child have ...
In California, Caregivers of People With Disabilities Are Being Tur...
In California, confusion and botched communication has caused some eligible parents and family caregivers of people with disabilities to be turned away at COVID vaccination sites.
7 Tips to Better Run a Homeowners Association
— Running a homeowners association is no easy task. Every real estate investment someone makes matters to them and residents want an HOA that will live up to the expectations of their propert...
There’s a Dirty Word For It: Trauma Envy
We live in an era where when we hear a sad story, we want to be able to top it and say “I’ve had it worse”.
How To Make Sense of the Hidden Decisions We Make in Life
The three categories for how people stack their priorities.
Emil Botvinnik has a Passionate Pursuit of Eternal Glory
— Professional motorcycle racing is arguably one of the hardest sports around, it requires incredible focus, a fearless nature, and a competitive drive, putting everything on the line to win....
Historia Nostra: Teaching and Learning History With Board Games
For many, board games conjure up memories of time spent with family and friends around the dinner table.
3 Signs You’re Someone’s Second Choice — Their Safety Net
Don’t settle with someone that doesn’t make you a priority.
What is the Bad Side of Technology?
— We all love the web. It’s the place where we get instant access to just about anything in the world. Whenever you get into unusual words or phrases, you usually quickly solve it with a Go...
Skin ‘Care’ Over Color
— Living in a time where hundreds of photos and videos idealizing ‘the perfect beauty image’ bombard people every day, making it almost impossible for them to remember the fact that beaut...
Four Indigenous Composers and a Piano From Colonial Times — Makin...
Nardi simpson plays the square piano, similar to one that arrived on the first fleet.
Insects Face Calamitous Habitat Loss
Unless nations act fast, habitat loss could rob half of all insects of over half their habitat. Other creatures, too, could suffer in a 3°C warmer world.
Getting Closer by Separation
How distance can improve a relationship.
You Are Your Most Important Teacher (and What To Do About It)
What works to promote self as optimal learner?
Set Healthy Boundaries and Feel Free With Her
Healthy boundaries cultivate trust, respect, and the safety to just be you.
Twitter’s ‘Bean Dad’ Is Like Superman To a Recovering Helicop...
Sometimes a child has to learn to fly for themselves.
5 Common Reasons Why People Get Divorced
— The decision to get a divorce is a tough one. You may have overwhelming feelings of isolation when you are in the middle of a divorce that nobody knows what you are going through. Sadness i...
Life Online: College Students’ Perspective on Remote Learning
In terms of effectiveness, there is not one single way to learn remotely.
Designrr Review – Create Quality eBooks and Lead Magnets in Minutes
— Traditionally, one would require a lot of time to create an eBook and lead magnet to market their content. However, Designrr has changed the entire story. With it, you can only spend a frac...
Love Does Not Hurt — the Thought of Being Vulnerable Does
What goes wrong in a relationship is a complicated task to address.
Adam Falkner – “Straight Poem” [Video]
“When I say that he is a good looking man, I mean that entirely objectively.”
Where Is the Power To Face the Future With Courage and Gratitude
The people around you either strengthen your heart or weaken your knees.
Which Landscapes Should We Restore First?
Scientists map and compare all of Earth’s landscapes to locate priority restoration areas.
20 Quotes To Encourage You To Keep Going
For when you don’t feel so tough.
Queer and Single French Women Face Uphill Legal Battle To Have Biol...
Widows, however, may receive artificial insemination from their deceased partners
Reimagining a More Inclusive Safety Net for Arts Workers
Artists and arts workers are three times as likely to be self-employed than the general workforce.
9 Painful Signs That Your Partner Is No Longer in Love With You
And what you can do to decide whether to salvage your relationship.
How Kenya’s New Personal Data Protection Law Could Affect Researc...
The issue of what data is collected, and what’s done with it, has become much more urgent in the light of accelerated efforts to find a COVID-19 vaccine.
World Temperature Rise Nears Danger Level
If world temperature rises more than another 0.5°C, the consequences will be catastrophic for millions of the poorest people.
Imagine if the Right Had Tried To Understand Colin Kaepernick?
A real discussion as to why he was kneeling could’ve healed so much but instead…
How To Unclog a Bathtub Drain [Video]
The pipe right below the drain should have a bend in it, so if you do accidentally drop something in the hole you should be able to fish it out.
What the Doctor Didn’t Tell Me
A letter to my oncologist.
Bicycle vs. Car: Know Your Legal Options
— This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice. The debate about who is at fault in an accident involving a car and a bicycle is a common one. E...
When Can Employers Pay Less Than Minimum Wage?
— This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice. Many people wonder when an employer can pay less than minimum wage. There are a few instances wh...
One Venti Romance With No Fairytale Please
A modern-day play in five quotes, a divorce, and… a happily ever after?
Bullying [Podcast]
The LGBTQ+ community is no stranger to bullying.
Birthing a Champion
We know how pregnancy and birth impacts mothers, but what of the father’s journey and how has the last year affected that?
Black Renaissance: The Art and Soul of Our Stories: Official Traile...
Black history isn’t just told in the history books.
Study Reveals Frequency and Characteristics of Stroke in COVID-19 P...
Findings also show coronavirus patients with stroke face increased need for long-term care.
Dr. Seuss and the Value of Decolonizing Children’s Literature
While aiming to decolonize and deconstruct historically racist norms, they are still perpetuated through the books and narratives we grew up on.
Join SpongeBob on a Wild Adventure in ‘Sponge on the Run’
Prepare for a crazy adventure in ‘Sponge on the Run’ SpongeBob SquarePants is a very popular character. The TV show has been on for a good amount of time, and there is all kinds of memo...
Nearly Half the Workforce Is Exhausted From Meeting on Camera
As employees continue to be forced home during the pandemic, nearly half of them are reporting high levels of exhaustion, a new study has found.
The Way Out of a Fog
Get lost in your muse.
What Will the Post-Pandemic Leader Look Like?
As the economy moves into recovery, your leadership muscles will be taxed in ways they never have been before, says Ed Hess. Here are nine skills you’d better start honing now.
Are Secular Congregations the Solution To Loneliness?
Together we can RIP the issue of loneliness wide open.
Black Girl Magic: Hair Edition [Video]
In today’s video, I want to talk about black hair.
4 Neon Signs They’re Not Actually Into You
We need to stop kidding ourselves.
Hidden in Plain Sight: The Infrastructures That Support Artificial ...
At the onset of the Industrial Revolution, people in Montréal had no clue about the kinds of infrastructures that were going to be developed to extract, exploit, distribute and use fossil fuels.
Shifts in Earth’s Crust Link To Climate Change
Researchers think there may be an ancient link between catastrophic climate change and the forces that build mountains: shifts in the Earth’s crust.
My Son Doesn’t Want To Be on YouTube [Video]
My goal in sharing my children is never to exploit or take advantage of them, but rather to illustrate what a large part they play in my life and journey.
Tips for Insuring Your Teen Driver After Divorce
— The last thing on your mind is probably car insurance when you are juggling the battles associated with a divorce and children. Divorce alone without children involved in the mix is already...
Falling in Love
On the moon and knowing the stars.
Why Working People Spell ‘Boss’ Backwards
Grocery giants like kroger are refusing employees hazard pay while buying their own stock with their extra profits.
My Husband Won’t Stop Dancing
He just keeps dancing. It is better than being sad.
Canadian Aerospace at the Crossroads
The road to post-covid19 recovery
How To Beat Your Addiction Using Psychology From Vietnam War Veterans
How come Americans were never taught about a heroin epidemic in the U.S.A.?
From Eritrea To Tanzania, the World’s Strictest – and Most – ...
The lower a country’s score, the less strict the measures are.
How Employers Can Approach Spring Break in a COVID-19 World
Human resources expert discusses how employers can prevent COVID-19 cases during spring break season.
How Colin Kaepernick Changed the World
By inspiring people to speak out against racial injustice.
E-Sports Education: A Possible Approach to Revolutionize Sports Edu...
— By Sudip Saha For the past five years, eSports players have capitalized on the amazing potential of gaming to captivate audiences’ imagination. What started as a niche has navigated its w...
Public Pressure Helps Halt the Felling of Hundred-Year-Old Rubber T...
The trees are CO2 'vacuums' and are 'iconic' to the area
Our Opposition Grows: Dangers of Launching Nukes Into Space
The nuclear industry currently views space as a new (and wide open) market for their toxic product that has run its dirty course on Mother Earth.
How To Fix Most Running Toilets | Dad, How Do I? [Video]
This is how you fix most toilets that won't stop running.
Lakes Emit More Methane as They Evaporate
Even the world’s freshwater could affect climate change calculations, as lakes emit more methane from the mud, and vapour from the surface.
My Loved One Died From COVID-19. What To Do Next
8 important tips for a celebration of life event.
Dad Teaches Me About Losing [Video]
In this episode, watch as my dad and I discuss the Dwayne Wade video, my tendencies as a child, and how likely he is to end up with a broken back over a basketball game.
How To Rewrite Your Life Story by Starting With Why
In your relationships, in work, and life.
Elephants Teach Us About Love and Grief
An examination of spirituality and the afterlife.
SOULTOX is the New Alkaline Mineral Water by Lucky Soul and Greene ...
— The SOULTOX 10ph Alkaline Natural Mineral Black Water is a SOULTOX LLC partnership with Greene Concepts Inc. The product is an all-natural, hydration and recovery alkaline water designed fo...
Why Self-Awareness Is Not Enough
5 key habits beyond self-awareness that boost self-improvement.annie tanad
Anxiety and Me — My Longest Relationship
20 years, and still going strong.
Diamond Select Toys and Hasbro Team up on New Collector Products!
Diamond Select Toys, known for a wide range of dynamic collectibles. Hasbro is the home of many of the world’s greatest toy and entertainment brands. Now, the two companies will partner up on a n...
I Want a Partner, Not a Man-Child
I had to have a heart-to-heart with my husband sooner than I expected, and we had to set some guidelines.
Check Out These New WandaVision Funko Pops
Get your first at these newly announced WandaVision Funko Pops WandaVision turned out to be a hit miniseries for Disney Plus. The show followed two well known characters as they took viewers on a w...
There’s No ‘Winning’ in a Happy Relationship
There's a better way of having a spat. Here's how.
Here’s What They Don’t Tell You About Being a High-Performance ...
Push beyond what you think is possible in your business.
Rural Americans in Pharmacy Deserts Hurting for COVID Vaccines
And you can’t get vaccines in the mail.
Simply Because I Smile Does Not Mean I Am Happy
A year of retrospection changed my perspective of being happy.
Can Steel Ever Be Green?
Backbone of industry, bane of the environment.
Drive Like a Lady: Save Your Wallet, Save Yourself
— Did you know that women drivers pay less for car insurance? Given long-held beliefs ingrained in our society and wisecracks made by comics looking for an easy laugh, that fact may come as a...
4‌ ‌Tips‌ ‌to‌ ‌Choose‌ ‌Children’s‌ ‌Clothes...
— Winter goes to spring, spring is coming, the temperature is gradually rising, at this time we begin to take off the heavy clothes. In the face of such seasonal changes, parents also need to...
Friday Essay: Dark Emu and the Blindness of Australian Agriculture
Australia’s romantic attitude to farming has done untold damage to the land.
Global Warming Grows Less Nutritious Rice
One consequence of more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will be less nutritious rice, despite growth gains for some other crops.
2020, a Decade End With Self Discovery
The year of adapting low-key lifestyle.
Racially Charged: America’s Misdemeanor Problem: Sneak Peak #1 [V...
How our country’s history of racial injustice evolved into an enormous abuse of criminal justice power.
They Are All Fake
Were you always convinced of these ’employees’ to be real?
As Extreme Weather Events Increase, What Are the Risks To Wildlife?
Last year the united states racked up nearly $100 billion in damages from weather and climate disasters. These events are starting to take their toll on wildlife, too.
Are Men Still the Breadwinners?
In the progressive times that we live in, who is suppose to bring home the bacon?
The Often Forgotten Role of Small and Intermediate Urban Centres
Small and intermediate urban centres have critical roles in these urban systems.
How A Masters Degree In Business Can Transform Your Life
— Have you ever considered doing a degree in Masters of Business Administration? How many people can say they have done a degree that they love, especially one that is so flexible and so usef...
Comprehensive Planning Is Not Just About Housing and Zoning
Comprehensive planning is about much more than land use.
Multi-Level Marketing Businesses and Pyramid Schemes
Here’s what you should know about MLMs and pyramid schemes, along with what you should do before joining an MLM program.
Why Some Men Reject Environmentalism
Research links embracing fossil fuels to conservative ideas about masculinity. Can these ideas change?
Lessons From ‘Rocky’ and ‘Creed’
Be humble enough to return to the basics.
Some Twisted (and Sorta Fun) Musical ‘Surprises’
There are a handful of films where the secret or “twist” at the end grabs you. The same can be said for rock songs.
7 Surprising Signs You Are Headed for an Abusive Relationship
Sometimes red flags can be shaped like hearts.
20+ Best Dogs for Seniors
What are the benefits of dogs for seniors?
It’s Time To Rethink the Tourism Industry
Will tourism return? Undoubtedly, but it will be a very different animal.
To My Past’s Present
A letter to my ex’s wife.
In Trinidad & Tobago, Where Women Are Under Siege, Sometimes Even W...
'I want to tell you I have answers, but I don’t'
Stormwater Could Become an Important Water Source — if We Stopped...
Collecting runoff from rain and other precipitation to aid water supply has great potential, but its many benefits are often overlooked.
My First Child Was an Alien, My Second “So Precious”
Two utterly different birthing experiences lead to the same depth of relationship years later.
Fifty Years Ago, at Lake Mungo, the True Scale of Aboriginal Austra...
Australia’s deep history was uncovered at Lake Mungo.
Small Global Warming Cuts Offer Huge Savings
Everybody profits from a world that cuts global warming to only another half a degree. The challenge is to persuade nations to act.
How To Overcome Social Anxiety
3 steps and 2 mindset shifts.
Central Asia’s Fruit and Nut Forests: The Real Garden of Eden?
Birthplaces of some of the world’s most beloved snacks
Black Renaissance: Black Is Beautiful and LGBTQ [Video]
Beauty comes in all forms, in all shapes, and in all sizes.
No…No More Day Trips With Kids!
(Well, ok, but only there.)
When Seaman Fatigue Leads to Maritime Accidents
— This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice. Maritime accidents can be incredibly serious, due to all the hard work demanded of seamen, the s...
I Beat My Son Again [Video]
In this episode, watch as we navigate Theo's desire to win, and my desire to make him strong.
Avoid These Painful Dating Mistakes and Be the Guy She’s Been See...
Quality women are easy to find if you’re a quality man.
The End of Nuclear Arms 2021
The big challenge now is to convince the world’s leaders to sign the treaty and work to implement it.
Women: Don’t Take on the ‘Low Sex Drive’ Rap
The best instigator of sexual arousal for women is to have had “good sex”—to have orgasmed before and to expect to again. The best aphrodisiac!
Release of Limited Edition Double Orange Vinyl Set of ‘Once On Th...
This limited-edition vinyl set of ONCE ON THIS ISLAND includes a special album insert with photos from the Broadway production and full billing, plus a gatefold cover, complete with show artwork, ...
Has COVID Clouded Your Retirement Picture? 3 Tips To Plan Clearly
Some people planning for retirement may do most of the right things in terms of saving and investing.
Zoey Ends up Doing Something Drastic in ‘All in Love is Fair’
An evening takes an unforeseen turn in ‘All in Love is Fair’ Last time on Grown-ish, Nomi is facing a bit of a tough decision. Phil wants to see her and has no idea she has a daughter. ...
Why an Effort To Reduce Repeat Offenders Is Failing, and What Biden...
When the U.S. Government initiated efforts in 2018 to reduce recidivism in federal prisons, the aim was to end the cycle that makes many inmates repeat offenders.
Shameless: Is Change Possible? | Video Essay
"Shameless" show how difficult and rare it is for people to truly change.
A Life of Struggle
Here is how I took control of my own narrative.
U.S. and India Partner to Fight Poverty in Asia, Africa
By teaching new farming techniques, the U.S. Agency for international development (USAID) and India are helping farmers on both continents improve harvests.
Answered: FAQs Regarding Bail and Bail Bonds
— The process of getting bail for yourself or your close one can feel overwhelming without proper knowledge. Especially if you’ve never been to jail before. Knowing what bail bonds are,...
Fossil Fuels Cause Several Million Deaths Each Year
People damage their health in various ways and one of those ways is to continue to use fossil fuels. In 2018 alone more than 8 million people died from fossil fuel-related pollution, according to n...
A Brief History of Ketchup
Heinz is why ketchup seemed to become distinctly American
Warming World Makes Noses Run
Summer is the worst time for many allergies that make noses run and sufferers feel below par. They’re causing widespread misery just now.
Achieving Business Success and High Performance: Mindset vs Busines...
When you have personal and social awareness, you'll be able to understand other people's motivations better, as well as motivate them.
Antonio Gramsci: Translator, Storyteller and Educator
How to survive annihilation and despair in prison?
Isolation & Interesting Point of View [Podcast]
What if you could live in a world where everything is available to you and you have infinite choice?
The Rocking Chair in the Corner
Today is my daughter’s birthday.
Amnesty International Statement on Aleksei Navalny
Amnesty International defines a prisoner of conscience (POC) as a person who has been deprived of their liberty solely because of their conscientiously held beliefs, or for discriminatory reasons...
Are You Shamelessly Self Promoting?
Sure, the more people I reach, the farther the ripples spread and the greater the impact.
Is Social Selling Replacing the Classic Cold Call?
Social selling is a new sales strategy fueled by social media growth. But is socially selling replacing the classic cold call? Find out in this article.
It Seemed Like Our ‘Honeymoon Period’ Was Over
But was this so that a deeper love could start to grow?
Let Laziness Lead in Defending Against Drama
How harnessing your lazy side can help you rest up and reap the rewards.
It’s Time to Get Honest About Being a Lonely Entrepreneur
The only way you can overcome a challenge is to acknowledge it’s there.
Ice Is Melting Faster Than Ever Around the Planet
Earth has been losing vast quantities of ice in recent decades and the rate of the loss around the planet is gathering pace, scientists warn.
Routine Car Maintenance: What to Expect and How to Plan
— What do you need to do to keep your car running optimally? Who has time to keep up with all of that? It’s not as bad as you might be thinking. And the effort you put into car maintenance ...
McCoy Tyner (1938-2020)
Mccoy Tyner was one of the most influential jazz pianists in the history of the art form.
Noah Kagan’s 10 Entrepreneur Commandments Applied To Dating
#3 Don’t create solutions for problems that don’t exist.
Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Coffee Maker
— Not many of them can function without coffee, and whether you or me, we need coffee to survive. Well, coffee boosts up the energy, and keeps up the enthusiasm for the whole day. Of course, ...
‘Women’s Role in Science Is Vital’: An Interview With Ecuador...
An interview with a marine biologist from Ecuador
Wounded Heroes Documentary Brings Hope To Our Military, First Respo...
New film shines a light on bold new alternative non-drug treatments and programs that heal the wounds of PTS.
Meet Haiti’s Founding Father, Whose Black Revolution Was Too Radi...
A statue in Port-au-Pirnce honors Jean-Jacques Dessalines’ legacy as a Haitian revolutionary. Now, a renamed Brooklyn street does, too.
Us Economy Risks China’s Climate Impact
In this globalised world China’s climate impact could hit America’s economy, as one country’s calamities indirectly harm other nations. The losses could grow.
You Should Be Killing Your Ego Every Day. Here’s How (and Why)
The motivation here is simple. The goal is to increase your awareness of the difference between reality and thoughts about reality.
Mason Granger – “Undefeated” [Video]
“My wife thinks I’ll make a good real dad one day.”
6 Subtle Signs Someone Is Negging You, and How To Respond
These signs may seem innocent, but the harm they inflict is real.
Why I Skip All That Romantic Thing
Every guy is a poet, somewhere deep in his bones.
Whispered Confession: Dad’s Last Day
“I love you, dad,” I hear myself say.
Ecowaste Coalition Calls on Senate To Keep Ban on Waste Incineratio...
The declaration urged local governments and government bodies to adopt policies to mitigate climate change.
How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney
— Facing a criminal charge is intimidating, sometimes daunting even. In situations like this in order to defend your rights, you have to find a lawyer who will handle your case. However, it i...
The Heart Is Priority
… for both your physical and mental well-being.
The Extinction Crisis: Coming To a Dinner Table Near You?
Wild plants related to our main agricultural crops are important to future food security. But more than half are endangered, a new study finds.
The Importance of Getting Lit
You are a city of lights — flick the switch!
Black Renaissance: The Art and Soul of Our Stories [Video]
Black history is iconic. It’s moving. It’s powerful. It’s transcendent.
This Is How It Felt To Be Obsessed With a Woman I Never Met
A story of lust, lockdown, and something you might call love.
Mulholland Drive: Ending Explained | Video Essay
As it turns out, dreams can be more important to us than reality.
Feeling Is Healing
Positive thinking is only part of the equation.
7 Things My Imperfect Boss Did Right and You Can Too
You can do many things wrong if you do a few important things right.
Defining the Relationship: Why Are Romantic Relationships So Confus...
Labels are so restricting. Having a title is typically associated with “commitment” and that’s just not me.
How the Pandemic Opened Doors for Creative New Ways of Learning
When the pandemic shut down schools in 2020, parents were forced to pay closer attention to what their children were – or were not – learning, and to take a more active role in their students...
Optimising Well-Being and Development Through Music
Music engagement and social inclusion.
Dealsbank: A Platform With Diverse Uses
— Dealsbank is a platform. It uniquely handles cross-border sellers. It principally takes care of the issues of cross-border vendors’ troubles in surveys, advancement and stock freedom, and...
China’s Trade Plan May Cause Lasting Harm
China’s trade plan could cause environmental catastrophe, scientists warn, because of its voracious appetite for natural resources and its climate impact.
Showing Up As Yourself
3 steps to dating as the real you.
Model Friends
Social media has surpassed the basic premise of let’s be friends because it’s good for both of us.
Finding Balance by Establishing Personal Comfort Zones
Our first line of defense against stress-induced burnout — ‘Know Thyself — Love Thyself’
Would You Want to Hack Your Body?
Are we opening a Pandora’s box with at-home DNA tests?
Public Health, Rights, and Protest in the Age of COVID-19
COVID-19 and the steps taken to inhibit its spread have inspired significant opposition across Canada over the past ten months.
An Interview With Two of the World’s Most Famous Relationship The...
Learn about “Safe Conversations” and why they are so important.
Jack the Dancing Man
Best dancing party ever tonight
The Importance Of Eco-Friendly Plumbing For The Planet
Keep reading to learn why eco-friendly plumbing is important for the planet and how you can take advantage of it in your area.
The Micro Behaviors of a Push-Pull Relationship
4 subtle signs that identify an insecurely attached relationship.
Is Pot Really More Potent These Days? Does It Matter?
Cannabis, like alcohol, is available in a variety of potencies. Unlike alcohol, a potent dose of cannabis won’t kill you.
Read This if Someone Has Just Played With Your Heart
The hidden truth about heartbreakers is heartbreaking.
7 of My Money Mistakes (and the Lessons Learned)
#4: Caring about the Joneses: the Joneses might be broke. 
Paid Sick And Family Leave Can’t Wait
For workers like my mom, the financial strain caused by a lack of paid leave can be just as stressful as catching COVID-19.
The New Society
Thinking about generations and how things are shifting can actually be a little bit scary.
Why Indigenous Knowledge Matters To the Future of Fisheries
A groundbreaking program at the university of British Columbia draws from indigenous knowledge and western science to develop the best tools for helping fisheries and communities.
Women’s Empowerment Could Bring Additional $28 Trillion Into the ...
Female-Led tech companies achieve 35% higher ROI, yet the number of women in the industry remains comparatively low.
Community in Trinidad Says ‘No’ To Quarry Operator Targeting Ar...
Group sends letter to stakeholders detailing community's resistance
Please Stop Calling Me an ”Oreo”
It is incredibly toxic and damaging.
Civil Lawsuits Are the Only Way To Hold Bishops Accountable for Abu...
Victims or their family members react to a Pennsylvania grand jury investigation that identified more than 1,000 child victims of clergy sexual abuse.
Thinning Clouds Increase California’s Wildfires
Southern California’s wildfires are likely to increase as a protective layer of cloud is driven away by the warmer climate and urban growth.
The Perfect Couples Bedtime Routine To Strengthen Your Relationship
It’s the small things that make a big difference. Here are three simple traditions you can start today to help you and your partner grow together.
Africa’s Development Must Be Based on Resilient Approaches With N...
The urgency of the compounded COVID-19 and climate crises is compelling a new and expanded effort to accelerate momentum on Africa’s adaptation efforts.
The Open Burning of Waste Poses Grave Health Risks To Millions
We’re generating more waste than at any other time in history what with a greatly increased global population, rampant consumerism and the wanton use of single-use items like plastic bags and wra...
Advice for Being Brave in Tough Situations
Being fearless and doing the right thing is a valuable skill.
Essential Workers Deserve $15 An Hour
We care for your parents, children, and homes. We should make enough to care for our own, too.
DJ Xclusive City Is Redefining the Orlando DJ Scene
— His ambition, determination, and impressive DJing talents have catapulted him to the top of the music industry. The more we look around us, the more we can see people who have developed inc...
Celebrating the Women Pioneers of Engineering
31 years after tragic shooting, women make important gains in the field
What Is Abolition and Am I an Abolitionist? [Video]
In today’s video, I explain what abolition really means, the prison industrial complex, and share how I originally became an abolitionist.
National Museum of African American Music Debuts in Nashville
The history of Black American music in the United States spans four centuries, and now there’s a museum to honor that legacy.
How To Create an Emergency Fund: The Easy Way
Let’s define an “emergency” as a situation where we are not planning for a specific time, loss of employment, or a medical emergency.
Do The 8 Moon Phases Affect Your Relationship Life?
— Do you also believe that the moon exerts a degree of influence on human behavior and well-being? Some people do, and others don’t. Whichever your category, the fact remains there is a dee...
How To Survive Being Around Family During the Holidays [Podcast]
This episode is about how self-compassion can help weather the storm around family during the holidays.
What Dynamic Attributes of Fitness Software Will Divert the Mind
— Whether the business is old or new fitness always remains. Because it’s the ever-changing feature that people seek from a studio or a gym. The fact that raises the trend and fame of that ...
How To Argue With Your Partner in a Better, Healthier Way
Even the happiest couples argue — they just do it better.
Why Choose Sterling Silver When Buying a Man’s Ring
From white gold and platinum to titanium and stainless steel, there are lots of options that can be considered.
I Am Proud of You! | Dad, How Do I? [Video]
The internet can't understand what you all just did!
Rediscovered: The Aboriginal Names for Ten Melbourne Suburbs
Ten previously forgotten Aboriginal names for 19th century sites and suburbs of Melbourne have been recently unearthed at the Melbourne Museum.
Dinosaurs’ Deaths May Be Guide To Today
Evidence from the dinosaurs’ deaths 65 million years ago might just provide a lesson to learn about the lasting damage now being done by humanity.
How to Tell if Someone Is Controlling You to Their Advantage
In the end, they ignore you and then leave you in the dust.
Un Youth4Disarmament Recognized by ‘Billion Acts of Peace’
Through the challenge, young people around the world were invited to express in 75 words what disarmament means to them and their communities.
Annotated: Apologizing for “F*****G N*****S!”
On March 11, basketball announcer Matt Rowan was caught on a hot mic during the livestream of an Oklahoma high school basketball playoff game.
10 Tips For Taking The Perfect Instagram Picture
— Want to take the perfect Instagram photo for your tribe? Here are some great tips to do so. 1. Grab Someone While #Twinning photos aren’t brand new or revolutionary, they can be a bla...
Nine Decades of Progress
Let’s keep striving for more.
5 Reminders if Your Partner Has an Anxious Attachment, and What Helps
As someone who experiences anxious attachment, I’m grateful my partner remembers these truths.
4 Effective Ways You Can Reduce Overwhelm
Too often, we focus on what we’ve done wrong instead of celebrating what we’ve done right.
New Diamond Select Toys Release On Sale Now: Doctor Doom, Miles Mor...
It’s a big week for busts and statues, as five new resin items hit comic shops courtesy of Diamond Select Toys!
The Top Tips for Running a Business in the Modern Era
— If you are looking for a way to run a successful business in the modern era, you understand that this is very different from the way businesses used to operate. Even though there are countl...
An Open Letter to Tom Brady
— Dear Tom Brady, My husband is a huge fan of yours, because…sports or something. I think you play baseball for the Boston Celtics, you wear a lot of rings, and you’re a goat. Somethi...
How ‘Mortgage Mike’ Roberts and City Creek Mortgage Make Gettin...
There’s a reason financial services providers sometimes carry a stigma.
You Might Not Like It but There Are 5 Good Things About Conflict
Conflict is a wake-up call that the status quo isn’t working.
John Krasinski Net Worth: 3 Lessons From His Path to Wealth
Watching John Krasinski as a hilarious actor in "The Office" is entertaining, but we can also learn something from his success.
Racially Charged: America’s Misdemeanor Problem Trailer #2 [Video]
13 million people a year – most of them poor and people of color – are abused by this system.
We Can’t Fight Climate Change Without Valuing Nature
Healthy ecosystems essential to meeting Paris Agreement.
How Do You Download Music from YouTube to MP3?
— Whether it is about watching videos or listening to music, the internet is the only place to be. Whether you want a DJ on the dance floor or a sweet romantic tone playing in the background,...
How To Save Money Online?
With more and more of us left out of work in 2021, how do we make better savings that lead our money to last longer?
Stafford Beats Continues to Level Up as 2021 is in Full Swing
— The passion for music had not been ignited in Patrick Stafford until his time in the military began. Stafford started to partake in a multitude of various areas, searching for a side hobby ...
Could College Textbooks Soon Get Cheaper?
In many ways technology has caused the current price spike.
World’s Great Cities Hold Key To Fossil Fuel Cuts
The great cities, hotspots of global wealth creation, are great emitters of greenhouse gases. Civic leaders could be among those best placed to save the planet.
Do You Have a Family COVID-19 Checklist? if Not, You Should
How an unexpected quarantine influenced my COVID household plan.
Denmark Protects the Homeless
COVID 19 vaccinations for people without shelter.
5 Myths About Marriage and Divorce That Needs To Be Debunked
#myth 4 — children will suffer because of the divorce.
‘Til Death Us Do Part — a Parent’s Love Letter
Parenting is a little like standing at the edge of the grand canyon.
The First Step To Fixing Our Disregard for Women of Color in the Wo...
The pandemic is setting women back and eroding years of progress, particularly for Women of Color in New York City.
Senior Symptoms and Talking Pot With Your Parents
More people over the age of sixty are trying medical cannabis for symptom relief.
Pandemic Baby Bust Situation Update
Lots of people are talking about falling birth rates — even more than they were before. First a data snapshot, then a link roundup.
How To Cook Delicious Food For Family Get-Together
— Cooking delicious food is a fulfilling experience. It is great to prepare lovely food that you will share with your family. Those are the times we all remember and enjoy the most in our liv...
5 Things To Do To Make Your Relationship Stronger
Based on my personal experience.
How to Help Kids Cope With Stress After an Accident
— After an accident, children can sometimes hide their emotions. They might be fearful of how you will react to their anger or sadness. Some children might show the stress that they feel afte...
5 Differences Between Codependent and Interdependent Relationships
#2 in codependency you need your partner, in interdependence you want them.
Lars von Trier: Making You Uncomfortable | Video Essay
He forces us to confront taboos and makes us wonder whether deep down we've been truthful to ourselves.
Soccer, the Gulf War, and Mr Genius
Are your parents here son?
The Blog Starter: The Easiest Way to Learn How to Build a Successfu...
— The digital landscape has opened doors to new and exciting earning opportunities. You probably hear stories about people making money from live streaming, creating YouTube videos, and selli...
The Kiss of Morning Dew
It’s a refreshing way to launch the day.
How to Become an Online Fitness Trainer
— The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard for everyone. The pandemic forced many businesses to close, forced others to change the way they did business altogether, and more than a few shuttered f...
Small Towns and Rural Communities Need Transit, Too
Millions of rural Americans don’t have a car. With the pandemic battering transit agencies, they’re being totally isolated.
The Stars Won’t Always Align
Compatibility is created, not a given.
Interstellar Humanity: Gaël Bonnel-Sanchez’s Pioneering Attempt ...
— “When it comes to space colonization, we don’t have to be a lost generation,” claims Gaël Bonnel-Sanchez, the French entrepreneur who founded Interstellar Humanity. The project focus...
Degrowth and Christiania – I Saw How Copenhagen’s Collective Li...
The deal enabled Christiania to buy itself free of speculation, as a common resource for everybody and nobody.
Global Green Vision Is Do-Able, With an Effort
The global green vision can become reality, with warming held to 1.5°C. Energy efficiency, radical changes to diet, and renewable energy can together save the planet.
Philippines Toxics Watchdog Group Exposes Online Sale of Chemical W...
EcoWaste Coalition cautions consumers against mercury-containing skin whitening cosmetics in the wake of 3.3. online shopping spree.
The Luxury of Grief: Healing
Saying goodbye is the easy part.
Migration: Monarch Butterfly
Imagine Super Generation— travelers of 45 hundred miles down the continental U.S.
Fighting Pregnancy Discrimination Shouldn’t Be This Hard
I wouldn’t wish my situation on anyone, but I keep fighting because I know there are so many women who aren’t able to begin this battle.
How Domestic Violence Affects Divorce
— This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice.  Domestic violence puts an indelible stamp on divorce proceedings, and getting a top lawyer wit...
How To Save Saltwater Wetlands From Rising Seas
The Biden administration has an opportunity — and a responsibility — to help save the coastal ecosystems that protect us.
4 Healthy Relationship Tips You Need To Know
The answers may surprise you.
The Different Types of Insurance Available For A Newly Established ...
— Data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) shows that at least 40% of US businesses shut down permanently after a disaster. Additionally, 25% of those that manage to reopen do...
The Suffocating Truth About Rejection in Love
‘When all you can think is that ‘he didn’t want me’’.
The Impact of Exercise on Type 2 Diabetes and Hypo Prevention
Here are some basics that you should understand about healthy glucose levels, getting enough exercise, and achieving a balance that allows you to enjoy a higher quality of life.
William Isaias – Merging Passion with Purpose
— William Isaias (William Esteban Isaias Dassum) work has shaped the lives of countless people for decades. Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador on May 4, 1943, William has become a versatile man with ...
Cinderella: Stop Blaming the Victim
Disney's Cinderella has gotten a lot of hate for giving girls a bad role model.
How To Find the Courage To Start Again
With forgiveness, focus & force.
5 Ways HR Can Make Diversity and Equality Central To Succession Pla...
Mackin offers five ways for companies and their HR departments to create a culture of equal and diverse succession planning.
What Keeps People With Disabilities Indoors in Azerbaijan? the Answ...
Only 3% of people with disabilities in Azerbaijan have a social life
Dear Older Me, Here Is What I See —
A letter written from the eyes of my childhood until now.
The People of Social Work
History Slam Episode 178
From the First Fleet To Changi, Australia’s Pianos Have a Long Hi...
An example of a Benham piano is housed in the archives of the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.
Humans Put Conservation Reserves at Risk
In theory conservation reserves are set aside to preserve wild creatures. But then the humans move in. Land almost twice the area of India is threatened.
How Assertive Communication Can Strengthen Your Relationships
Assertive communication is such a practical and diplomatic communication style because it’s based on mutual respect.
Now’s a Great Time To Become a Backyard Naturalist — Here’s How
Connecting with nearby nature can give people a much-needed boost — and help save wildlife, too
Keep Choosing, Keep Creating With Simone Milasas [Podcast]
On today’s podcast, Simone shares a segment from one of her calls, keep choosing, keep creating, in which she talks about giving up your limitations and breaking those glass ceilings of creation.
What Kind of Justice Do You Want?
When you’ve been betrayed by the one you love.
Black Lives Still Don’t Matter in America
A welcome change in national leadership in the U.S. means little for the scourge of racism infecting the nation—unless words are matched by action.
5 Exotic Pets for Single Men
— More people are loving the idea of getting exotic pets, and are deviating from the conventional dogs and cats. Single men, for instance, want low maintenance and low-budget exotic animals f...
Landmark Covid Relief Law Pumps More Than $100 Billion Into Public ...
“The money tends to increase in times of crisis and natural disasters, then declines after the crisis abates. That’s not the way to sustain preparedness.”
Why I’ve Started Looking After My Inner “Small Steve” Better
By accepting him I’m accepting myself – and that’s better for both of us.
Walking the Line
Mom, you know how you said you are going to do whatever you want since you had the heart attack?”
Psycho Killer, QU’EST-Ce Que C’EST?
Could Mathew Lamb’s murders have been prevented if he had received treatment earlier?