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How Mentoring Can Help You Succeed In Your Business Or Career
Mentoring is the process of sharing knowledge and wisdom. Joining mentorship programs or groups can help you find a mentor and shorten your learning curve.
Social Entrepreneurship In India With Sudha Srinivasan, CEO, The/Nu...
Sudha Srinivasan, CEO of The/Nudge Centre For Social Innovation, on social entrepreneurship in India and how it can solve India’s most critical problems.
Leadership Advice For Women In Technology With Padmaja Kota, Direct...
In this interview with SHEROES, Padmaja Kota, Director at Salesforce, shares her experience as a woman leader in technology and advice on mentoring for women.
How To Find Online Internships With SHEROES Career Coach, Monica Ma...
In this article on internships, Career Coach, Monica Majithia answers all your internship questions with tips on how to apply for online internships in 2021.
Remote Call Center Jobs From Home: Be A Customer Service Representa...
Remote call center jobs or customer service jobs are the best remote customer service careers for those who have previous sales or customer service experience.
How Big Dreams And Hard Work Led Vijaya Tirumalareddy To Pursue A C...
Vijaya Tirumalareddy, Director, Software Engineering at Salesforce, talks about her career in tech and the role of her mentor in discovering her strengths.
Breast Cancer Doctors Answer All Your Breast Cancer Questions
Breast cancer doctors and breast cancer specialists answer questions about the reasons for breast cancer, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
How To Use Social Media For Good: 7 Tips To Use Social Media Wisely
Social media can improve your life if you know how to use social media for good. Learn how to use social media wisely to be a happier human being.
8 Inspirational Movies That Inspire Kids To Look Beyond Their Limit...
Want to inspire kids with enlightening movies? These kids movies are some of the best inspirational movies to help them look beyond their limitations.
10 Safe And Fun Diwali Celebration Ideas At Home For Diwali 2020
Diwali 2020 is not like other years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Here are 10 safe and fun Diwali celebration ideas for this Indian festival.
New Year Goals Checklist For Health And Happiness
In this episode of Naaree Talk, Mental Fitness and Digital Wellness Coach, Bindiya Murgai, shares her New Year goals checklist for health and happiness.
How Suman Humane Got Back To Work With Trailhead
See how stay-at-home mom Suman Humane restarted her career by leveraging Trailhead to up-skill and ease her transition to Senior Salesforce Professional.
7 Last-Minute Study Tips For The Upcoming Railway Exams (RRB NTPC)
Crack the upcoming railway exams and get a government job with the Indian Railway Recruitment Board with last-minute study tips to prepare for the RRB NTPC exam.
Top 7 Smart Real Estate Passive Income Ideas To Make Money In 2021
Generate real estate passive income in 2021 with the best passive income ideas that use real estate strategies to create passive income streams.
10 Home Office Design Tips For A Productive Work From Home Setup
Setting up a home office for remote work? Create the best home office setup for productivity with these work-from-home setups and home office design tips.
Free Maths Online Classes To Help You Prepare For The 12th Board Exams
Looking for Maths online classes to prepare for 12th board exams? These free online Maths courses will diminish exam stress and help you ace the exams.
Being Adaptive Is Key To Being A Good Leader
Read Shanthi Padmanabhan’s interview with SHEROES and benefit from her advice on issues from work-life alignment to building cutting-edge products.
Top 10 Soft Skills To Put On Resumes When Applying For A Job
Developing soft skills in the workplace can make you more employable. This top soft skills list includes the 10 types of soft skills to put on resumes.
SHECO Partners Share How To Make Money From Mobile Phones
Learn how to make money from mobile phones as a SHECO Partner and see why SHECO sellers call it the Woman Fortune-Changer Platform.
Feeling Disrespected In Relationships? 7 Signs Of Disrespect In Rel...
Disrespect in relationships is a sign of troubled relationships. Feeling disrespected in relationships? Here are 7 signs your partner doesn't respect you.
21 Pandemic-Proof Work-From-Home Business Ideas For Women In India
Want to be a businesswoman? Learn how to start a small business at home with these 21 pandemic-proof work-from-home business ideas for women in India.
Women Achievers: How Indu Bhatnagar Became A Financial Wizard At 80
Women achievers like Indu Bhatnagar prove that age is no bar. See how she overcame her challenges to become financially independent and a financial wizard at 80.
5 Reasons Why This Is The Best Career After 10th For Girls In India
Which is the best career after 10th class? Learn why a financial consultant career can be one of the best career options after 10th for girls in India.
Indian Women Investors Are Smart, Savvy, And Determined: ETMONEY
Indian women investors are smart, savvy, and determined when it comes to investing their hard-earned money, according to an ETMONEY report.
Business Process Outsourcing: How To Outsource Remote Work Processe...
Business process outsourcing to an outsourcing company can help organisations save time and money. Learn how to outsource remote work processes in India.
5 Smart Investing Tips For Indian Women
Looking for expert investing tips for Indian women? Learn how to invest and make money as a female investor in the women's guide to successful investing.
7 Super-Efficient Meal Prepping Tips For Healthy Homemade Meals
Meal prepping can cut down on food preparation time and make life easier. Here are 7 super-efficient meal prepping tips for healthy homemade meals.
5 Creative Kids Activities And Creative Things To Do At Home
Need creative kids activities and creative things to do at home? This list of creative ideas to do at home will help you boost creative thinking in children.
5 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Indian Moms
Mother’s Day is the best time to show your Indian mom you care. You can order these thoughtful Mother’s day gift ideas from SHECO Partners on the SHEROES app.
A Guide To Investing For Beginners For Indian Women Investors
In this guide to investing for beginners for Indian women investors, you’ll learn how to invest money wisely so you can achieve financial independence.
7 Health Supplements To Increase Immunity And Boost Immune System H...
Increase immunity and fight off infection with these immune system supplements and vitamins that are proven to boost immune system health.
Need Fun Interesting Hobbies? Here Are The 7 Best Hobbies To Take Up
Need fun interesting hobbies to express your passion? This list of hobbies will help you find the best hobbies to take up during and after the lockdowns.
5 Relationship Tips To Get Over One-Sided Love Or Unrequited Love
Ever been in a one-sided relationship or felt the agony of one-sided love? These relationships tips from SHEROES users will help you get over unrequited love.
How To Start A Counselling Career (In Psychological Therapy Or Care...
Counseling careers are perfect for those who love offering psychological therapy or career coaching. Learn how to become a counsellor or career consultant.
5 Best Work From Home Apps That Pay You Real Money
Looking for the best work from home apps that pay you real money? These online income apps are the best apps to earn money without investment.
7 Mental Wellness Tips To Improve Women’s Mental Health
Women’s mental health during COVID-19 has declined greatly. These mental wellness tips will help you prioritise and improve your mental health.
How To Start A Digital Marketing Career And Find Digital Marketing ...
Is a digital marketing career path right for you? Learn the skills you need to find a digital marketing job and how to succeed in your digital marketing career.
5 Negative Effects Of The Pandemic On Women During COVID-19
Learn about the negative effects of the pandemic on women during COVID. See how the COVID-19 pandemic took a heavy toll on women’s health, work and employment.
How To Deal With Loss And Grief During The Pandemic
Wondering how to deal with loss and grief? Learn how to deal with the loss of a loved one with our expert psychologist’s tips on how to deal with grief and loss.
10 Online Jobs For Students To Earn Money At Home Without Investment
What are the best online jobs for students to earn money at home? Which online earning websites for students offer legitimate ways to make money online?
How Alakshi Tomar Is Championing Menstrual Cup Use For Inclusion
Alakshi Tomar is an entrepreneur who champions reusable menstrual cup use and sustainable menstrual cup products to create inclusion and opportunities for women.
How To Start A Home Tiffin Service Or Dabba Service In India
Learn how to start a home tiffin service or Indian food dabba service with Shipra Baranwal, founder of a six-figure home-kitchen business in India.
How Homepreneur® Deepa Govind Is Helping Women Freelancers In India
Homepreneur® Deepa Govind is a freelance coach who is helping women freelancers in India find freelancing work and mentoring rural women entrepreneurs in India.
5 Benefits Of Menstrual Cup Use (+ Answers To Your Menstrual Cup Qu...
Have questions about menstrual cup use? Learn about the benefits of menstrual cups and how to start using this sustainable menstruation option.
21 Father’s Day Quotes That Celebrate Fathers And Daughters
To celebrate International Father’s Day, we’ve gathered 21 Father’s Day quotes that celebrate the unrivalled impact fathers have on their daughter’s lives.
Kavea R Chavali, Entrepreneur, Anchor, Game Changer, On Being An In...
Entrepreneur and award-winning anchor, Kavea R Chavali, has been both mentor and mentee. She shares her mentoring activities in the Internet Saathi programme.
How To Earn Money Online In India Without Investment
How to earn money online in India? Can you earn money online without investment? In this article, you’ll learn how to earn money online without paying anything.
Looking For A Job? Take These 7 Baby Steps To Find A Job Without Ov...
Are you looking for a job or a career change at 30? If you’re changing careers in a pandemic, here’s how to take baby steps to find a job without overwhelm.
Mastermind Leader, Rupa Patil, On Being A Business Coach For Female...
Mastermind leader and business trainer, Rupa Patil, on being an entrepreneur mentor and business coach for female entrepreneurs in the Internet Saathi programme.
Finding A Job Out Of College: 5 Steps To Achieve Your Career Aspira...
Finding a job after college is hard when your career path is not clear. Learn how to achieve your career aspirations and start finding a job out of college.
Start a SHOPonSHEROES: Top 10 Online Store Ideas to Sell Products O...
Want to open an online shop in India? Learn how to start an online store with no investment and sell products online with the SHEROES app for women.
How To Write A Book And Leverage It For Personal Branding
Want to become an author? Learn why you should write a book and how to leverage your book as a business card to build your personal brand.
5 Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples In India
From natural beauty products to tea blends, why not ship your loved ones their marriage gift? Here are the 5 best wedding gift ideas for couples in India.
The Indian Woman’s Guide To Property Rights Of Women In India
Learn all about the property rights of women in India so you know about women’s inheritance rights and how to take legal action to protect your legal rights.
51 Stories To Read Aloud From The Best Children’s Books For Kids
This list of stories to read from the best children’s books for kids will help you enjoy the benefits of reading for kids and create a lifetime of memories.
5 First Job Tips And Career Lessons To Make Your Mark At Work
Need first job tips to make your mark at work? Here are some career tips and career lessons to learn from your first job so you can leave a legacy at work.
How To Build An Online Shop In India With SHOPonSHEROES
Learn how to build an online shop in India with SHOPonSHEROES. See how easy it is to sell products online after setting up an online shop on SHEROES.
How To Write A Business Plan Step-By-Step
Want to know how to write a business plan step-by-step? Find out all about the business planning process so you can learn how to make a business plan.
How To Find Your Passion And Live A Life With Purpose And Meaning
How can you find your passion and purpose in life? Learn how to find your passion and live a life with purpose with tips from the world’s most brilliant minds.
Resume Writing Tips: How To Write A Resume And Cover Letter For Res...
Get professional resume writing tips on how to write a resume and cover letter for resumes. See where to find the best free resume builder online.
How To Write A Career Objective For Resumes
What is the career objective for resumes and how do you write one? Learn how to write a career objective in resumes so you can get the job you want.
Top Interview Presentation Tips To Ace Your Job Interview
Are you nervous about giving an interview presentation? These job interview presentation tips will help you ace your job interview and land the job.
How To Always Be Happy: 10 Tips To Increase Your Happiness Quotient
Can you learn how to always be happy? These tips from the happiest people in the world will increase your happiness quotient and help you be a happy person too.

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