Self Improvement Articles
Resilience In The Face Of A Mountain (And Other Obstacles)
Both literally and metaphorically.
My Goal Report For February 2021: Finding The Right Fit
Testing is part of the madness... I mean, fun.
Self-Love Is a Myth if You Don’t Acknowledge Your Imperfections
All of it boils down to a simple question — “Do you like what you see in the mirror?”
8 Quick Job Search Tips that Will Get You Hired
Looking for the best job search tips to get you hired?  Want to know what smart job-hunting strategies are?  Finding a job that fits your passion and satisfies you can be a challenging ta...
3 Simple Strategies to Maintain Work Life Balance & Still Write
Learn how to maintain a work life balance and still find time to write using these…
How To Make Sense of the Hidden Decisions We Make in Life
The three categories for how people stack their priorities.
Do We Feel Free When We Make Hard Decisions?
A psychological perspective on feelings of freedom in decision-making.
When It Comes To Doing The Work, Some Is Better Than None
*Only when it comes to the good things.
Criticism and the Creator
Changing the narrative of the inner critic, and learning graciously from the outward ones.
How To Stop Overthinking And Live Freely In 6 Effective Ways
Thinking gives solutions to many problems as well as new ideas. Your memory makes you. But for many people, these memories and thinking take over their minds. They continue to imagine things that p...
My Favorite Inspirational Quotes to Salute the Warrior Nurses
Being a nurse can be a very rewarding job, but it can also be extremely stressful. Even though you know you are
Top 10 Quotes of Helen Suzman
Helen Suzman was South Africa Politician, anti-apartheid activist and a strong voice against South Africa’s Immorality Act– an act which seek ...
Book review: Till the last breath by Durjoy Dutta. Willing to read?...
Like any other Durjoy Dutta books that you might have read, there is a special mention of engineering colleges. This
Interview Questions and Answers Must Read
Job interview scares us; We get judged and assessed by individuals who have your future in their grasp is more
Be Consistent: How To Make Massive Strides In Your Work
Inspiration is infrequent and motivation can't be counted on.
Inspiring Quotes by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
Chhatrapati Shivaji was the most powerful, valiant king and a secular ruler who founded the The post first appeared on .
5 Career Options That Help to Empower Society
Whether it be through the voice of a new caster at 4 am in the night or your social media timeline, it sometimes feels impossible to avoid conflict in today's world. Human beings have a natural res...
Illusory Correlation – Your Mind Makes Stupid Assumptions
Illusory correlation is a false belief that two events are correlated when they’re actually not. Author Charles Dickens carried a compass at all times to make sure he slept facing north. He belie...
5 Powerful Lessons About Love From the Badass Pastor Cal
The love guru of 'Married At First Sight' drops relevant truth bombs.
Heart Bells : A Story that might relate to Many
Heart Bells: A Story that might relate to Many As dawn breaks over the city, she steps ahead in her
How To Self-Love and Save Your Life
I was just a few years from losing it and this choice changed the course of everything.
The Comfort Zone Explained: (Reasons, Examples and Solutions)
Comfort zone is a state where you remain relaxed in a familiar environment thereby limiting your opportunities for growth and improvement. What are some of the goals you have wanted to accomplish b...
20 Quotes To Encourage You To Keep Going
For when you don’t feel so tough.
In Your Work, One Thing Is More Important Than The Other 99
You won't get to the pier if you don't paddle.
How To Deal With Workplace Stress Like A Pro
Our work-life has become the most demanding aspect of our life. Due to the various gadgets that we keep with us, we are constantly accessible, always available, and ready to contribute to work in a...
7 Wasteful things to leave in 2020
If you’ve read our blog for some time, you know that we talk a lot about wastefulness. There are a lot of wasteful things in human life, most of which come from our human behavior. Now that 2...
It’s Ok To Be Selfish In The Pursuit Of Fulfillment
Selfishness can be a good thing.
Dear world! That’s all you need to “Be a Superhero”
Superman in the crowd Be A Superman: I remember the day when I was going somewhere in Delhi and the
What is FOMO(Fear of Missing Out): How To Overcome It?
FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out) is the uncomfortable feeling you have when you notice others having a better experience or opportunity without you.  You are catching up with a group of friends one w...
Tips for Working at Home Instead of the Office
Switching from working at an office to working at home can be a big adjustment.  Here…
My Goal Report For December 2020: Many Cookies Were Eaten
As well as pie, cake, and the rest.
An Unorthodox Way To Stop Procrastinating: Max Out Your Day
You'll perform better when you have less time to think.
Tell me your Dreams : A book that will Scare you !!
Tell me your Dreams-Sidney, Sheldon By Kanika Dawalia Genre: thriller This was the first-ever book that scared me to bits
5 Ways to Hang With Friends Online While Studying at Home
Human interaction is important, even if you’re busy with school or stuck at home due to COVID. Read Ways to Hang With Friends online. Introduction Whether you’re trying to get used to post-...
Laugh and Learn at the Same Time Reading ‘Young Leonardo’
Learn all about the early days of this man in ‘Young Leonardo’ I know a little bit about Leonardo Da Vinci. They were a revolutionary person who created all kinds of amazing things. The...
Ways To Signal For Help When Lost
Your perfect day out in the backcountry was filled with beautiful landscape views, a couple of critter sightings, and a picture-perfect little lunch spot overlooking… Related Posts: ...
Hope Is a Choice
The ballet ensemble of the city of trier dances for the ban on nuclear weapons.
How mental growth shapes your personality.
Life is the name of growth, I don’t know if anybody said that but I feel so. Apparently, we say that you’re growing old. But you don’t, not unless your physical growth is accompan...
What I Read: December 2020
Now that it’s “hibernation season” (or at least that’s what I call it!) nothing has made me happier than curling up on my couch with a blanket and a good book. This month w...
Feng Shui, Meet Modern Minimalism
Feng Shui, Meet Modern Minimalism   Modern minimalism is all about clean lines, clear countertops, tidy spaces, and houseplants. (Lots of houseplants.) But feng shui, too, has a lot to say abo...
Popular C. V. Raman Quotes
Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman was the first Indian Physicist to win the Nobel Prize in The post first appeared on .
How You Can Be Inspired Without Copying
Don’t ruin your unique style.
New Year’s Resolutions That Benefit the Collective
New Year’s Resolutions for All   It’s mid-December and you know what that means: It’s time to start thinking about your 2021 new year’s resolution. Resolutions tend to ...
Making Memories To Look Back On
Lockdown doesn’t have to mean lost time…maybe it’s a perfect opportunity?
Dalit Family was Denied water access, What he did next is Inspirati...
Dalit Family was Denied water access, What he did next is Inspirational and Motivating Most inspirational story Everybody in India is
33 Famous Joker Quotes That Will Teach You The Lessons Of Life
Movies and Web series leave a huge impact on our lives. Even though some movies are fictional, we always try to relate at some level. Most of the time in a movie accomodating a hero and a villain p...
Dr. Insomniac Book Review- An emotional roller-coaster and a must-read
Dr. Insomniac by Samatha Polisetti Book Review: An emotional roller-coaster: In the midst of the present global pandemic, there is one section of people that we all have been applauding for.
These brave hearts are surely the motivation you need
motivational stories of successful persons Inspirational Stories of Women in India You might not know much about these people, but their journey and achievements might just be the perfect motivatio...
Work From Home Tips: 7 Ways To Become More Productive
Knowing more about the best ways to become productive as you work from home.
When Everything We Say Seems Wrong
It’s time to try the “less is more” approach to reading between the lines.
Meet The Most Followed Person on quora and he is an inspiration to ...
Meet The Most Followed Person on Quora: Balaji Viswanathan We all follow people on Quora to get answers for the storm
We Carry It With Us
Love made simple.
Do Your Elderly Parents Need Help?
As young children, it’s hard to imagine that your parents would ever need help with anything, but as we grow older,things change, and the reality of aging becomes ever more apparent. As...
Factors That Improve Employee’s Productivity In 2021
After the Covid 19 outbreak has widely impacted organizations’ throughputs, read how to Improve Employee Productivity after Pandemic. Introduction A dynamic set of factors and training has a ...
The Role Of Humility And Flexibility In Goal Setting
Have the humility to know that you know nothing. Have the flexibility to adjust as you learn.
Gratitude- The emoticon of positive living in today’s world!!
Say today while walking into your workplace you revert a “Thank you” with a smile to the security guard who opens the gate for you or send a sweet thank you note for that special friend at your...
How to Get the Best Out of Yourself? – Student Tips for 2021
As students, there may come a time when one starts questioning the purpose of their life. Read Student Tips that you must know in 2021. Introduction As students, there may come a time when one star...
Being Adaptive Is Key To Being A Good Leader
Read Shanthi Padmanabhan’s interview with SHEROES and benefit from her advice on issues from work-life alignment to building cutting-edge products.
Kloe’s Christmas List For 2020
  This last week I passed a friend and her young son while taking Kloe (my dog) for her morning walk.  We paused to chat, from a distance of over six feet apart of course, and immediately Joe...
The Three Words That Change Everything
I didn’t realize how much my assumptions were affecting me and everyone around me.
Top 7 Motivation Hacks to Kickstart your Morning!
We all are so busy in our lives that we forgot to keep our FOCUS on our lives goals. Sometimes we are just too busy, lazy at times, excuses to do those things that we don’t really like to do. The...
How to Stay Sane in Lockdown
Depending on the U.S state you live in, there are specific lockdown regulations in place, which are a legal requirement to adhere to. With the recent surge in cases over the past few months, some r...
Making Wishes Come True Through Wishes and Blessings Dr. Geetanjali...
When charity begins at home, philanthropy becomes a part of the family’s DNA. Dr. Geetanjali Chopra is among those fortunate people who
Gambler’s Fallacy – What It Is, Examples And Ways to Avoid
Gambler’s fallacy is a false belief that if an event recently occurred one or more times, it is less likely to occur soon. A bizarre event occurred on the 18th of August, 1913. Though over 10...
I Used To Think Gratitude Was a Flowery, New Age Gesture [Podcast]
Did you know the Buddha first taught contemplation of human corpses before teaching meditation on the breath?
7 Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance While Working from Home
Did you ever think that you will be stuck at home for so long? Or did you ever imagine yourself working from home for more than half a year? No, right!!! In fact, you must have thought that working...
Introduction to Major Top 10 Interview Skills
Getting a good job is very essential to live a peaceful life to fulfill our basic needs like food, shelter,
Are We Still Reading for Leisure?
Practical reading vs leisure reading.
Don’t Chase Fame at the Cost of Your Privacy
Six things parents shall watch out to avoid online fraud traps.
Everything You Need To Know About Anxiety In a Nutshell
WHAT IS ANXIETY? Anxiety is a type of emotion that each of us feels at some point in our life and it springs from doubts and fear. We usually feel anxious when we are stressed about something that ...
How To Be More Active in Your 30s
— Many people find transitioning into middle age to be difficult. Emotionally, mentally, and physically, living your best life in your 30s can be a challenge on multiple levels. And that’s ...
What To Do When Things Are Out of Your Control
Stop expecting, start accepting.
8 Inspirational Movies That Inspire Kids To Look Beyond Their Limit...
Want to inspire kids with enlightening movies? These kids movies are some of the best inspirational movies to help them look beyond their limitations.
The Collateral of Comparison
“Comparison is the thief of joy.” — Theodore Roosevelt
How You Can Make Daily Progress in Your Life
Even after experiencing a massive loss.
My Goal Report For November 2020: Reaching The Mountain Top
Yes. There was a literal mountain top involved...
How to Calculate Opportunity Cost For All Your Decisions
Opportunity cost is the loss incurred, or a potential benefit given up when making one choice instead of another. This article will teach you how to calculate opportunity cost for the decisions you...
Slippery Slope Fallacy – Do You Make This Error?
Slippery slope fallacy is the error of making a series of small claims without enough proof thereby ending up with a significant outcome(usually a bad one). If we allow our country to increase expo...
How To Be Productive: 30 Comprehensive Tips
Wish I could get more done If only I could live my dreams I’m not sure why I waste most of my time I wish I procrastinated lesser How the heck can I be more productive? Such thoughts pop into you...
Locus of Control – How To Take Control of Your Life
Locus of control is the extent to which people believe they have control over the events in their life. Recall a situation when you encountered a failure. You can go a few years back if you like. F...
Emil Botvinnik has a Passionate Pursuit of Eternal Glory
— Professional motorcycle racing is arguably one of the hardest sports around, it requires incredible focus, a fearless nature, and a competitive drive, putting everything on the line to win....
Build your integrity keeping your word
What’s your worth? How seriously do people take you? We all must’ve heard the shepherd boy and the wolf story. The boy who lied for fun but ultimately it cost him his life when he really needed...
Man who revived 5 Dead Rivers in India: Rajendra Singh The Waterman...
Rajendra Singh, The Waterman of India: “There are a number of ways to save water and they all start with
Pygmalion Effect: High Expectations = Better Performance
The Pygmalion effect is a psychological phenomenon that states that higher expectations in a particular area leads to better performance. Have you heard the saying, “Aim for the moon. Even if you...
MadeMan Skincare is Helping Men Everywhere Leave a Lasting First Im...
— Jeremy Gardner lives his life at a rapid pace, juggling his cryptocurrency empire and investment fund, Ausum Ventures, while at the same time trying to overcome personal hurdles with his sk...
7 Things To Do Before You Can Quit Your 9 to 5
As some of you may know, I recently quit my 9 to 5 job as a lawyer to blog full-time! I shared this exciting news in my Facebook group here. When I first made $60,000 a month from my blog earlier t...
Is Zen Enlightenment Real?
I never knew any meditator who seemed enlightened – did you?
Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset: Which One Do You Have?
The concept of growth mindset vs fixed mindset explains how your beliefs influence the success you achieve in life. Frank and Greg are two people who begin their careers from the same point. They s...
Top 5 Quotes of Walter Rubusana
Walter Rubusana was a South African Writer, political activist, minister and one of the founding members of South African Native ...
Are You Really in Depression Or it’s Just Sadness? Find it out he...
Depression- Are we Faking it Nowadays? depression or sadness : Depression is a menace that has been spreading in our
75 Motivational and Inspirational Quotes about Success & Life in 20...
Here are some best Inspirational and Motivational quotes about life along with motivational quotes about success and motivational quotes of the day as well. The list of inspirational quotes will su...
Creating the Last Will: Here Are Key Mistakes to Avoid!
Most of the use of postponing estate planning for one reason or the other. However, you must have essential documents in place to protect your interests. Last Will and Testament document that you s...
110 Inspirational Winter Quotes to Keep You Cozy and Warm
Looking for inspirational winter quotes that are meaningful? Want cute and short winter aesthetic quotes? With the Winter Solstices‘ arrival on December 21st, one thing is for sure, colder te...
5 Tips for Remote Marketing Teams to Maximize Productivity
Remote work is an increasingly popular opportunity for today’s digital employees. As cloud-based solutions emerge, giving people more freedom to work from anywhere, you don’t necessarily need ...
Tips To Manage Stress During COVID 19
The old people not letting them outside will feel more stressed. The old people with dangerous diseases will also have a problem since the disease can be widespread. This lockdown crisis may also s...
How Mentoring Can Help You Succeed In Your Business Or Career
Mentoring is the process of sharing knowledge and wisdom. Joining mentorship programs or groups can help you find a mentor and shorten your learning curve.
5 Tips for Addicts to Cope With Recovery
Stress, pressure, painful emotions, and trauma are a common occurrence that occurs to people. Someone who does not know how to cope with these occurrences healthily might resort to substance abuse ...
199 Beauty Affirmations for Confidence, Self-Love & Appearance
Beauty affirmations make you feel beautiful. You don’t have to fit into society’s beauty standards.  Having long hair, big green, or blue eyes, and a perfect nose is not the definition of ...
24 Great Gratitude Prompts To Be More Thankful
We all have our good and our bad days. And when those bad days hit us, we tend to let the feeling of sadness overflow us. But truthfully, we can choose how we feel and how we see things with each n...
7 Ways To Rise Above Grumpy Leadership
Happy people are more successful than grumps.
We Need To Start Giving Soft Skills More Credit
It’s time for a national skills and experience strategy.
How To Create A Successful Morning Routine That Actually Works
Morning routines don't matter. There, I said it. Now, you're probably thinking...
How To Be Concentrated And Focus On Your Goals?
Efficient performance and fast and perfect execution is the spell of life today. Our everywhere work either as a student, as an officer, or even casually cooking an omelet for breakfast requires pr...
Your Perception Is Your Reality[You Can Change It]
You might have heard the phrase perception is reality. But is that true? Not quite. Your perception is only your reality, not anybody else’s. Let’s do a quick exercise. Don’t worry, you d...
Summary of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion is a book by Robert B. Cialdini, Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University. In it, he teaches the readers the seven tricks which exploiters use to ...
Tiny Tales: If My Love Can Hear This.
If My Love Can Hear This. BY: Akshay Saxena I:” Hey why are you crying?? She: “You have nothing to
My Favorite Books I Read in 2020
2020 was all about books for me. While I’ve always been someone that enjoys reading, I really got into reading this year. It’s been a delightful escape when the world has otherwise be...
Do-It-Yourself: 4 Stuff That You Kind Build Yourself
Being able to build something can be a huge thing for some people, most especially for the ones who are
How Do You Plan To Spend Your Brief Eternity?
Looking back I realized I haven’t written about positive aging in nearly a year.  Sure I believe it is still possible and highly desirable.  However, nothing new presented itself that hadn’t ...
Creating Last Will and Testament in Maine – How Can You Go About It?
Last Will and Testament is a document that determines what happens to the property and assets once you are no more. It clarifies whom your belongings should go to. How and who will be in charge of ...
5 Proven Benefits of Living the Country Life
Leaving the hustle and bustle of city life can be beneficial in many ways. People will often escape to their cottages or summer houses during the summer months or whenever they have a free weekend....
What To Do When Your Goal Goes From Strive To Strife
Your goal should be adding fulfillment to your life. Not conflict.
Seek Out Passive (And Proactive) Ways To Be More Deliberate
All it takes is a full water bottle.
Is Ego the Rational Part of Personality?
The word Ego is often very confusing because of the psychological landscape and the concept behind it. Ego is used
Top 5 Skills Everyone Should Have
— Being a person in today’s world comes with a lot of responsibility. We have our families, careers, passions, things we enjoy, and other things that we don’t. Being a human being is comp...
Can a Planner Like Me Plan for Uncertainty?
Last weekend Thom and I did a podcast interview with two new friends—Mary and Kevin Roberts.  Their podcast Growth Minded Marriage is one I’ve recently started listening to because I appreciat...
Trust Is My Word For 2021
Back in 2018, and every year since, I began choosing a guiding word-of-the-year—otherwise known as WOTY.  The idea is to pick a word as your one overarching  theme or intention and then integra...
Kapaemahu [Video]
A Hawaiian story of healing and aloha has been hidden from history -- until now.
You Are Your Most Important Teacher (and What To Do About It)
What works to promote self as optimal learner?
9 Most Impactful Self Improvement Books Everyone Should Read
Everyone at some point of time, come across a phase when they need a good dose of motivation. I too had faced such a period in my life, when everything seemed to have falling apart. That was the ti...
Time to Negotiate for Peace in Space!
"If the U.S. and other nations continue the current drift toward organizing and equipping to wage war in space, Russia, China and others will strive to improve capabilities to destroy U.S. space as...
I am A hijra -An Open Confession by a Hijra .
An Open Confession by a Hijra. Hello! My name is Resham and I am a ‘Hijra’ – a part of
List of 30+ Best Books to read before you die|Fiction|Non-Fiction|M...
we gonna cover best books to read before you die from all categories followed up by best non-fiction books to read and then fiction books to read before you die
You Must Be Detective And Chief Scientist Of Distraction
Both are required to achieve your goals.
How To Choose a Focus Word for the Year (+ My Word for this Year!)
Happy New Year! Starting when I was 7, I’d always write in my journal about the previous year and set some goals for the new year. In recent years, my tradition has shifted away from…
New Year Goals Checklist For Health And Happiness
In this episode of Naaree Talk, Mental Fitness and Digital Wellness Coach, Bindiya Murgai, shares her New Year goals checklist for health and happiness.
Because there are two types of people: you and everybody else
Surviving LDR~ because there are two types of people: you and everybody else              
Learning at Home During the Pandemic
  Download our free home learning pack by clicking the link below: Lockdown Education Information and Resources for Parents   The COVID-19 pandemic and the measures put in place to slow ...
How To Work With Fear, Anxiety, and Other Difficult Emotions [Podcast]
This episode is about learning to be with your feelings by practicing mindfulness meditation.
Who Cuts Your Hair? The Answer Shows How You Value Your Time
I didn't use to value mine enough.
The Benefits of a Residential Addiction Treatment Center
One of the most pressing issues facing the healthcare system today is addiction. For a long time, there was a significant stigma surrounding addiction. Many people believe that people who suffer fr...
101+ Positive Attitude Quotes with Images to dwell a positive attitude
Life is not a bed of roses. We all are unique, not just on the basis of our identity, but
The Secrets To Your Life’s Happiness Now
You can gain and apply daily wisdom to get the life you want today.
How to Organize For Your Personality
  How to organize your way Many times, we organize our homes the way we see organization done on television. But if you’ve ever looked to the gurus for tips on how, exactly, to organize,...
These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things // 2.5.21
Hi Friends! Happy Friday. It’s been a snowy week here in NYC. I’m usually not a fan of snow (gimme warm weather and sunshine, please!) but Washington Square Park was GORGEOUS on Tuesda...
My Story 🙂 As I m not Perfect, I have Made tonnes of Stupid Mistakes, and I later regret them,
Why Not Having A Second Screen Is Key For My Productivity
The unintended consequences of another monitor.
Trauma: Expectations vs. Reality
The problem was in the mirror.
Things to Relax yourself And Recharge- GodofSmallThing
Things to Relax yourself And Recharge
9 simple practice that will help avoid sabotaging your career
Most human beings are guilty of some of their actions and often don’t know about them until somebody else points it out. These subconscious actions lead us to sabotage our careers because of self...
Top 10 Soft Skills To Put On Resumes When Applying For A Job
Developing soft skills in the workplace can make you more employable. This top soft skills list includes the 10 types of soft skills to put on resumes.
You Are Your Own Worst Enemy, but Don’t Forget to Be Your Own Bes...
All the joys of friendship, without the traffic.
Winning The Mind: Addressing The Mental Side Of Goal Success
Is belief more important than the work itself?
Top 38 Bruce Lee Quotes Which Will Tell You How To Live Better
The world has always been ungrateful or to put it in a better way, less grateful, to the blessings he has received in the form of a person. It is a very common practice among humans for a very long...
5 Ways to Be a Better Teacher—Immediately
As a teacher, you’re likely to be a keen and strong communicator with a passion for educating others. The skill set you use will range from extreme patience, to pastoral care, to unique...
Eisenhower Matrix – A Step By Step Beginner’s Guide
The Eisenhower matrix is a technique to prioritize tasks such that you balance between what’s important for your long term goals and what needs to be done right now. William starts his day with a...
Seeking Stillness
The elusive feeling that everything’s ok.
Book Review: Durjoy Dutta’s Our impossible love
Book review by KANIKA DAWALIA Hi again! Hope you liked the last review of “Till the last breath” by Durjoy
Yerkes-Dodson Law: How Pressure Affects Performance
Yerkes-Dodson law suggests how pressure affects your performance. You perform better with pressure until a certain point. But, when the tension mounts further, your efficiency declines. Have you be...
What I Read: January 2021
It’s time for another reading round-up! This month I predictably read a lot of romances, but also a total curveball suspense novel. As always, I’d love to hear from you: What books hav...
27 Books for Adults to Learn About Racism and Diversity
If you are trying to understand race, diveristy, and bias better, this list of 27 books…
The Courage Muscle and How To Develop It
“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” – Brene’ Brown
5 Important Lessons that 2020 has taught us
When 2019 ends we eagerly waiting for 2020 and welcome this year as happiness. In 2020 January I and my husband traveling Gangtok and we enjoy the beautiful nature of Gangtok, their mountain, and s...
10 Easy New Year Resolution Ideas
The New Year is a time to reflect upon the 12 months we leave behind The post first appeared on .
“His hand was under his shirt moving at the bus stop” Isn’t i...
sexual assault in India: If this is the case, then let us tell you that objectifying a woman and touching yourself in public is a kind of a violation of the law as well. And here is the proof- Acco...
3 Must-Do Moves To Help You Get Your Affairs In Order 
As people get older, they tend to spend more time pursuing health and happiness in later years. Nonetheless, a staggering amount of us are unprepared when it comes to end-of-life scenarios. Americ...
Build Confidence Through Language with Speech Pathologist Skills
The career of a speech therapist is rewarding. What’s even better is the tranquility of helping others. Now that you’re looking to pursue a career in the field of speech-language pathology, you...
What I Read: February 2021
I’m always excited to share my recent reads, but I gotta say I’m especially so to share this batch of books. Each of the books I read this month was fantastic. While I highly recommend...
Believe in Yourself
  Believe in Yourself.   There may be days when you get up in the morning and things aren’t the way
How To Start Over In Life At 30 And Rebuild Life From Scratch?
“So take a deep breath, Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off, Start all over again.” Life is not at all easy, it’s all about challenges, hardships, problems, and, difficulties but it’...
5 Podcasts That Make You Feel Better About Yourself
sEvery day is not the same, and every day you cannot stay motivated. Someday, it can be your health or family, while some other day, it might be your profession or just life that weighs you down. A...
What Happened To Them?
The not-so-welcoming world of cyber-loss.
How To Make Working Out at Home Suck Less
So… it looks like working out at home is here to stay. At least for the next few months (I’m staying hopeful for an almost normal fall, but who really knows at this rate). As…
The Journey From Addiction to Recovery, and Beyond With Eric Paskin
— It is often said that recovery from alcohol and substance abuse and addiction is a lifelong journey, yet for Eric Paskin, this rings more true than for most. Having gone through the trials ...
How Minimalists Combat the Symptoms of Burnout
How Minimalists Combat the Symptoms of Burnout   The symptoms of burnout include fatigue, hopelessness, and diminished motivation. And while Western cultures revere busyness, simplifying sched...
Why We Need More Negative People in Our Life
Mastering the skills of becoming comfortable in discomfort.
When Is The Right Time To Tell People About Your Goals?
Wait until you've bought the plane ticket.
I Stopped Setting Goals In January (I’ll Never Do It Again)
You don't need to commit for the year.
How to Write a Compelling Essay Fast?
The more you progress educationally the more assignments and coursework will come your way. Most of you will find essays
Your Shadow Is Your Superpower
As long as you know how to tame it.
My Lexicon of Bliss and Happiness
So…how did this come about?
Welcoming A New Beginning
Ever since watching Amanda Gorman recite her poem The Hill We Climb at President Biden and Vice President Harris’s inaugurations, I have had poetry on my mind.  I’m reminded of the simplicity ...
The Struggle is real for COVID Stress Management: Cure it with Etiz...
Since the arrival of COVID-19, we’re witnessing major changes in our lifestyles. Though stress, anxiety, depression, etc. prevailed before this pandemic, it has reached another level during COVID...
How To Make Time? Are You Living Or Just Passing Your Life?
Suppose someone asks you for a beach picnic next week. And you refuse to say you’re very busy. Then they ask if the next week will do? And your answer remains the same. Sit back and think abo...
Am I Finally Growing Up
Or just growing old?
A Man That Goes His Own Way Eventually Finds His Way
I am a man who loved myself enough to take a season of solitude to heal, be still and find out what brings me joy. I had to travel through the unknown to find something new.
Gullak TVF: Relax Your Over-Worked Brains With TVF’s New Slice-of...
Watch Gullak Tvf Web Series Online. Gullak TVF web series. gullak tvf review. Their first series was Home. Now it brings Gullak, on SonyLIV platform.
Your Minimalist Play Room
** Sustainable Minimalism (the book based on THIS podcast!) is out now! Get your paperback or e-book copy here.**   Your Minimalist Play Room: Why Basic is Best & Less is More Got kids? If...
Feeling Overwhelmed? Do These 3 Tips My Therapist Told Me
Be aware of what is reality and what is thoughts.
How to Deal with a Lack of Creativity
Creativity is humanity reaching its fullest potential. One of the purest forms of creativity is writing music. Writing music has the power to teach, heal, and connect you with your emotions. There ...
Set Goals Devoid Of Platitudes. Instead, Focus On Control.
The end of customer service (and the start of happy customers).
Is A Rightsized Life Right For Everyone?
The short answer is YES! But I often find myself needing to explain why because so many people equate the idea of it with square footage.  In reality, a rightsized life has little to do with size,...
Intentional Personal Development
** Sustainable Minimalism (the book based on THIS podcast!) is out now! Get your paperback or e-book copy here.** Intentional Living and Personal Development   Prioritizing personal developmen...
41 Things To be Thankful for[No Matter What Your Situation]
“I wish I could …” “I don’t have ..” “I am aiming for..” Do such thoughts run through your mind? Do you find yourself looking forward to the future and the goals you have to cha...
How Willing Are You To Think Again?
In another lifetime I am certain I would have become a social scientist.  I love learning about why I and other people think and do things like we do.  So naturally when I stumbled upon a new int...
I Felt Too Rigid, So I Paused My Goals For The Day
It was more like a day and a half.
Why Publish Research Paper in Journal? – Amir Articles
It is a fantastic experience to see the name on a publication. Read the importance to Publish Research Paper in Journal and much more. Introduction It is a fantastic experience to see the name on a...
Motivation Is Temporary. Here’s How To Do Work Without It.
Your motivation will last only as long as this sentence.
I Keep A List Of Things To Do When Bored (You Should Too)
I no longer mind the waiting room.
Top 15 Famous Proverbs from Gambia
The Gambia maybe one of the smallest country in Africa but it has some proverbs that will inspire and motivate ...
These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things // 1.8.21
Welp, it’s certainly been an interesting first week of 2021… I’ll be honest to say I don’t really know what to say on the matter except how disgusted I am by these white su...
Goal Not Getting You The Result You Want? Ask For Help.
It's possible to achieve your goal but not get the desired result. Here's how to fix that.
Don’t Wait, Just Create With Heather Nichols [Podcast]
Heather Nichols joins Simone on today’s episode to talk about creating more with business and money this year.
When Love and Happiness Are Not a Side Business
Relationships are wonderful at the start but entrepreneurship in all its forms can challenge that wonderful feeling.
Eminem Motivational Quotes About Life, Success, and Destiny, etc
Eminem is one of the greatest rappers present today and he is well known for his creative art and fabulous rapping skills, not only that he also is a living legend. Every move of Eminem is a lesson...
How To Beat Procrastination And Meet Deadlines?
It’s Friday evening and you are clicking your keyboard in a hurry. You’re working intensely to complete your task before the eight o’clock deadline, while silently accusing yourself of no...
Stop Reading It: A Rule Of Thumb For Quitting Books
Take your age, subtract it from 100.
Are You Alive or Just Existing?
Tips to jumpstart your life in 2021.
How to Easily Improve Your Public Speaking Skills
Public Speaking is an underrated skill that is crucial to success in your personal and professional life. Whether you’re a business owner, an employee, or a customer, you need good communication ...
What To Do When You Feel Useless
Choose compassion. Always.
How to keep your minds healthy amid these testing times
Coronavirus; I know for a fact that by now you hate this word because we have heard this one so much so that personally, my ears hurt, not literally of course. This virus has made huge and much wor...
101+ Hater Quotes – Captions and Quotes About Haters with Images
No matter how good you do! there are always haters who hate you for no reason. Well here are 101+ Quotes about haters with images. Hater Quotes
A Few Things I Really Want For The Holidays
Some people are born storytellers.  That’s why I have been, along with millions of others, a fan of Robert Fulghum. His short essays nearly always manage to touch my heart and remind me of what ...
Where Is the Power To Face the Future With Courage and Gratitude
The people around you either strengthen your heart or weaken your knees.
Six Ways To ‘Reboot Your Brain’ After a Hard Year of COVID-19 ...
To enjoy our lives in 2021, we need to snap out of destructive habits and get our energy levels back.
Perfectionism Is Dangerous, and Here Is Why
The comparison among youth groups has explained the higher incidence of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.`
The Story of Two Wolves – Moral Lessons
A grandfather had a habit of narrating an interesting superhero story every day to his grandson before bed. One day, he decided to narrate a story that offered a life lesson instead. “Today, ...
You’re Not Giving Up on Yourself if You Buy Bigger Clothes
It’s one of the most important steps towards finding food freedom.
Struggling in Life? Read the story of a man with no hands and has d...
RYAN HUDSON PERALTA: A man with no hands is an Inspiration for Many LIFE is a beautiful gift of God. It is
Self-Audits: The Key to Becoming the Person You Want to Be
— Consider any professional environment in which people are continually striving to improve. You will notice some key things. For example, everyone involved is working toward certain goals. A...
A Few Final Lessons From Kloe
I don’t consider myself very good at grieving. For one thing I tend to live in my head far more than my heart or body.  For another I am constantly future-oriented.  I wake up in the morning th...
Read A Book: It’s The Best Way To Rapidly Improve Your Life
Whatever problem you face, there is a book with the solution.
Adapting To Sudden Changes in Your Routine [Video]
For some parents, it's been a surprise to see how well their kids have adapted to change this year.
8 Reasons Patience Is Making Your Life Easier
Forced waiting is helping you become the person you want to be.
“The word God for me is nothing more than a product of human weak...
albert einstein god letter: "The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weakness, the Bible a collection of honorable, but still purely primitive, legends which ar...
The Inspiring Vegan Animal Activist: Mahi Priyanka Kolvekar
Mahi Priyanka Kolvekar’s Story An Animal activist is someone who believes in the fact, that animal does deserve justice and anything that
7 Foods That Can Help Boost Brain Performance – Amir Articles
Are you looking for ways to improve brainpower naturally? Here are 7 common Foods to Boost Brain Performance in very short time. Introduction The brain is the most powerful tool in a human. It’s ...
Best Funny and inspirational quotes about life to inspire you to ke...
Best Funny and inspirational quotes on life to inspire you to keep going
How To Reinvent Yourself In 13 Effective Ways
Life is so unpredictable. With technological advancement, the concepts of certain skills acquisition or specific personality adoptions; are becoming obsolete. Self-driving cars will outsource drive...
How To Create the Best Version of Yourself
10 steps to help you find a livelong process for joy and success.
The Lady Has Been Behind AGNI Missiles. Tessy Thomas: Missile woman...
Missile woman of India Tessy Thomas was the woman behind the successful development of AGNI-IV AND Agni- V. Her journey to be the best woman is inspiring.
A Change Maker who Impacted more than 2lakh lives: Sharmila Oswal
Ms. Sharmila Oswal, is someone who dons many hats. She is primarily a Social Entrepreneur and the Managing Director at 1Organic, an
Audiobooks (And Their Role In Helping Me Read One Book A Week)
I finished 66% more books because of them.
Remembering 2020: Lessons and Realizations of A Tumultuous Year
2020 is no ordinary year by any means. 2020 made an impact on everyone’s lives. It brought a lot of chaos from the first month and even to this final month. For many of us, this year is incredibl...
There’s Only One Path To Success (Yet Infinite Options)
Keep trying until you find the right path.
Dying Out? Need Some Motivation? Read A Struggle of a woman Fighti...
Fighting with destiny :’)  I have always been a fighter and it took me thirty long years to make peace
Failures Of A Time Management “Expert” (And Other Flaws)
For someone that writes about time, I run late a lot.
Insulating Your Home The Planet Friendly Way
How does eco-friendly insulation work?
How to Score 180+ in JEE Main 2021? – Amazing Guide – Gradeup
The JEE Main level has become more NCERT Based from 2019 onwards. Read full guide about “Score 180+ in JEE Main” explained in videos. Introduction The JEE Main level has become more NCE...
13 Powerful Yoda Sayings About Training, Wars, Fear & Death
Star Wars is an American space media franchise that is famous across the whole globe. In this franchise, one of the most loved characters is Master Yoda. He is also the character who has been the t...
Education Won’t Stop Conspiracy Theories
Formal education is often a mark of privilege, not intelligence.
How To Create A Vision Board & Achieve Your Goals
What is a vision board? A vision board is a collection of images and text which visually represent your goals and dreams. They’re powerful in motivating you to keep working towards your goals esp...
My Battle With Depression [Video]
God doesn't put you in situations in life that you can't handle.
How to Know When It’s Time to Find a New Job
Sick of your work? Here are some tips that will help you know when it’s time to find a new job, and ideas to help you discover your new employment. Hi, I’m Artur. Realizing you’re...
10 Motivational Fitness Tips to Keep You Going
When motivation starts weaning, fall back on discipline to stay ahead, so goes the popular saying. “There are times when you feel like giving up. There are times when you think you are not moving...
35+ Best fiction books of all time with buy online links
Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience are said to contribute to an ideal life. A room without books
Lust, Greed, Social media addiction does not control your life; Kno...
Greed. In many popular cultures, Greed is observed as basic instinct helping humans to cope up with environmental catastrophes and as a necessary means to survival. social slavery If we were to bel...
Trade Titles for Transformation
My lessons from this experiment so far.
Complete Story of a kachori seller earning more than 60 lakhs annua...
Complete Story of a kachori seller earning more than 60 lakhs annually - God of Small Thing. Mukesh Kachori Aligarh After tracking his Sale, they found
New Year Goals The PRO[Pessimistic, Realistic, Optimistic] Way
What comes to your mind when you realize the New Year is just around the corner? The first thought is, “Where do I party on New Year’s eve?” The next thought? “What New Year resolutions...
What if Things Turn Out Great?
Reduce negative thinking by asking positive questions.
Top tips for working from home effectively
With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many of us to stay at home once again, remote working seems to be the
6 Ways To Develop Positivity
— Often times the stream of negative news surrounding us can weigh heavily on our well-being. It can impact our ability to effectively identify positive aspects of our lives – we can develo...
After High School Trauma and Housing Insecurity, Gay Man Finds His ...
After a high school rumor about sexual harassment sent his life into a tailspin, Nico Ramsey put his college plans on hold to figure out who he was.
20+ BTS Inspirational Quotes That Will Make You Love Them
You probably have heard about BTS if you are a music lover. BTS is famous for its empowering lyrics. They motivate you to work hard for your goals.  Their song makes you love yourself. their effor...
There’s a Dirty Word For It: Trauma Envy
We live in an era where when we hear a sad story, we want to be able to top it and say “I’ve had it worse”.
Caught Up in the Current
If you swim with the crowd, will you be carried out to sea?
Is life fair? If you think it is, this write-up will change Your Op...
Is life fair? If you think it is this write-up will change Your Opinion for sure. We are so busy criticizing that we actually forget the basics of how life should be lived. Life is not about just m...
When’s The Right Time To End A Goal? There’s 1 Telltale Sign
Particularly in the case of habit goals.
8 Minimalist Style Principles
8 Minimalist Style Principles   It happens to the best of us: despite our best intentions, we fall for trends. We assume that if a new style looks great on a model it will also look great on u...
9 Tips for Staying Sober
Struggling with addiction can be one of the most challenging experiences to have to face, and it is a continuing effort to stay sober once you have made it through your recovery period. Many t...
What is PPC And How Does it Work in 2021? – Amir Articles
PPC is Not a Tool or Model. It is a Metric On All Of Google Does The Whole of it. Read the full Guide about “PPC And How it Work” Introduction  Today, in This Article, We Are Tryin...
Overjustification effect – How rewards can kill your motivation
The overjustification effect is a phenomenon where a reward or incentive reduces the motivation to perform a task. Do rewards always motivate people to perform a task? At first thought, you’d thi...
How to Write a Perfect Cover Letter for a Professional Job?
When you step into a pro job market, you get to learn things that you didn’t know about earlier. Read about Cover Letter for Professional Job. Introduction When you step into a professional job m...
Ever heard about Human Library? Here is the most interesting concep...
Human Library in India Most of you must have gone to a library to read books and clear your dilemma.
Top 13 Famous Successful Businessman Quotes In The World
Hard work, smartness, work ethic, and learning from your mistakes is what matters at the end of the day to be really successful and be an example and role model for others to be a successful famous...
When do we actually die? A take on Mental health, ethics, and inner...
By Smita Samanwita There exists a span of time that happens to be my personal corner. I delve deep into
5 Common Time Wasters(And How To Fix Them)
“I wish I had the time to …” Do you find yourself saying that often? If your answer is yes, welcome to the gang of people who believe they do not have enough time to work on the tasks they tr...
The Components You Need for a Lucrative Career
When it comes to building a successful career, it seems like there are a million factors to consider. It’s important to make sure you have the right tools to make sure your career is lucrative an...
Should You Read More Books or Practice The Few You Read?
Which reading style is better? Reading a large number of books or implementing the few you read? Meet Melanie and Fred who both savor personal development books. But, each of them has an entirely d...
Cause and Effect
Good things/Bad things are not so clear anymore.
Our Latest 9-Step Guide to Public Speaking – For Students
Read Guide to Public Speaking. Our guide aims to help you overcome common fear so you can look and sound like a confident professional. Introduction If speaking in front of 30 peers and a rubric-cl...
Stay on Task and Get It Done: 5 Tips for Working From Home Effectively
While 2020 certainly plunged us into a new way of doing things overnight, working from home’s nothing new for millions of Americans. At the last count, the US Census Bureau reported that 13.4...
Advantages of self-motivation
What is motivation You do a lot of tasks, oftentimes it so happens that you have a strong desire to do a certain thing. That desire could be the simple term used for motivation. Self-Motivation in ...
The Periphery
Where radical innovation occurs
7 Ways to Deal with a Workplace Injury
Everyone deserves to be safe and secure when they go to work every day, but occasionally accidents can happen that can result in injury and a loss of time at work. Usually, these situations can be ...
Ways To Signal For Help When Lost
Your perfect day out in the backcountry was filled with beautiful landscape views, a couple of critter sightings, and a picture-perfect little lunch spot overlooking the valley below. Things were g...
What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Locksmith Services Company?
— We often find ourselves stuck in situations where we need a locksmith urgently, right? This is where you need to hire a locksmith services company that will help you in case of an emergency...
Fulfillment Is Impermanent (And That’s Totally Fine)
You can still enjoy your day at the beach.
10 Home Office Design Tips For A Productive Work From Home Setup
Setting up a home office for remote work? Create the best home office setup for productivity with these work-from-home setups and home office design tips.
21 Health, Fitness, and Wellness Goals for 2021 (That Have Nothing ...
And just like that, it’s the middle of January. Maybe you’re already sick of thinking about goals for the new year (no judgment if so!). But maybe you’re still thinking about som...
60+ Best Inspirational movie quotes with Images to get you back to ...
Dying out? Need Some Inspiration? Here are Best inspirational movie quotes from your favorites for work, success and life to get you back on track.
Every Moment Counts
Cherish every moment…take time to express love and build relationships.
Why Time Management Is Important – 10 Eye-Opening Reasons
What if the earth suddenly rotated slower and each day had 32 hours instead of 24? What would you spend the extra 8 hours on? Most people would make time for the things they love doing. You’d do ...
Javelin thrower Annu Rani re-writes national record and her story i...
Javelin thrower Annu Rani javelin throw national record India women Annu Rani in 2019:The 26-year-old Rani, who represented Uttar Pradesh, hurled  the spear to a distance of 62.34m, nearly half a ...
Living On The Edge Of Our Box
Is today starting to look a lot like yesterday, and the day before? That’s a sure sign you are living safely within your box. Have you tried something new or taken a chance lately? If no, there...
Don’t Hate Your Broken Body – Try to Love It
It's easy to hate your body when you feel trapped by disabilities, chronic illness, or physical impairment. Learn how to love it instead.
Taking up Space
It happens one thought at a time, one act of love at a time, one commitment at a time. Make the day you were born more than just a number on a calendar; Let it be a celebration of the instant you b...
Symptoms To Look for After a Fall
Falling and slipping accidents are very common, and seniors are often the group most prone to fall.
Women Overcoming the 2020 Recession Are Doing This
Guest Article provided by economymom (Photo via Pexels) According to a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the COVID-19 recession has been much more of a challenge for women than it ha...
Social Loafing
What Is Social Loafing?  Social loafing alludes to the idea that individuals are inclined to apply less exertion on an errand if they are in a gathering versus when they work alone. Working in...
Sometimes Your Plans Will Sour With Uncertainty (It’s Ok)
Switch up your sodden plans when the swamp has soured your strategy.
The Space Between Us
Fear is now love.
If You’re Unemployed, Evaluate The Following Points
This year, many Americans have had their lives turned upside down due to massive lay-offs. Read about Unemployed Follow Simple Steps. Introduction This year, many Americans have had their lives...
Top 10 Best Dystopian Books With Free Preview, Review and Buy Links
love Dystopian Literature? Well if you do here are Top 10 Best Dystopian Novels for you with Where to buy online links, Reviews and Ebook links on Kindle
The Necessary Self Portrait
In the age of selfies, what is left?
Ways to Address Mental Health Taboos
Human beings are composed of many different elements. Several factors influence our well-being—one of them being our mental health. Our mental health depends on several external and internal fact...
My Intentions + (sort of) Goals for 2021
I don’t believe you have to wait until January 1st to set some goals or intentions but I do love the undeniable magic of a new year. For me, I really do enjoy the yearly…
I am A Boy And I Cannot Cry
Dear Society, Let’s settle something once and for all: Boys are allowed to have feelings, too. I know you are
The Secret Of Happiness
Why have I been so stressed? And yet not happy? Every passing day you work with all your efforts in your respective discipline still not achieving the point where you could finally pronounce yourse...
5 Tips to Help Foster a Happier, Healthier Work Culture
— The COVID-19 pandemic has put workers in the United States in a rather precarious situation, with high unemployment, yet a lot of job offerings to choose from (depending on your field of wo...
Why you need to take responsibility for your own mental health
Accept it!! Nobody is coming to save you! Here's How to take care of your mental health
10 Ways to Stop Feeling Groggy in the Morning
Abstract: Our whole day’s mood depends on how our morning starts. An energetic morning start makes our day full of vitality and positivity. But having a feeling of grogginess (weakness or laz...
The Two Sides Of Goal Success: Doing And Believing
You need both to achieve your goals and a fulfilling life.
Forget Resolutions: Little Things Go a Long Way in the New Year
What are some little things that go a long way? How can I make small changes in the new year? Health. Exercise. Nutrition. Money. Why do our New Year’s resolutions usually crash and burn by Janua...
5 Whys – How To Find The Root Cause Of A Problem
5 whys is a simple technique to find the reason behind a problem by repeatedly asking why 5 times. Have you encountered a kid who shot one question after another at you? Even if nothing was at stak...
Love, Loss, Lockdown Book Review: Sense of peace amid the chaos!
Sneha Jaiswal’s Love, Loss, Lockdown is a compilation of ten short stories set mostly in India highlighting how the lives of different
Do You Have To Go Through Hell To Find The Way Of Integrity?
I’ve never read The Divine Comedy otherwise known as Dante’s Inferno.  From what I’ve heard it is difficult to understand or make much sense of, so why bother?  That was until I read an int...
15 Ways to Practice Self-Love Right Now
Helpful and practical tips for self-care. Read these ways to practice self-love so you can live life to your fullest potential.
Break Out Of Routine Every So Often (You’ll Enjoy It)
It doesn't have to be anything major. Any variation will do.
Need Advice? Be Deliberate About Who You Get It From
Get a book or send an email.
7 Actionable Tips To Be Thick Skinned
How easily are you hurt or offended by the things others say or do? Some people are quickly affected while some brush it off as if nothing happened. Which among the two are you? When a major negati...
Why You Should Treat Feng Shui as a Personal Development Tool
Instead of using it to manifest the life of your dreams.
Discover How To Cope With Loss And Heal
2020 was a hectic year, and it forced us to confront fears that we’d been avoiding. Chief amongst those fears for many of us is losing a loved one. Losing a loved one is always going to be a diff...
Struggling in Life? Here is how to motivate Yourself to work hard a...
Struggling in Life? Here is how to motivate Yourself to work hard and Shine There are times when you realize
Books Are Rare Candy For Your Mind (A Lesson From The 90s)
There is no Cinnabar Island hack though.
Have the feeling of being an Average person? Here’s something you...
How to Stop being average !! The feeling of being an average person surrounds you? When someone asks you how
The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows
You know why most of the people out there fail to succeed? fail to achieve their dreams? Because it’s fun to watch those dreams, but it isn’t so much fun to pursue them. And that’...
Here’s Why Self-Care Is Not Selfish
Selfishness excludes others, while self-care does not.
50+ Inspirational Cricket Quotes by cricketers with Images
Here is a list of 100+ Inspirational Cricket Quotes by cricketers with Images. Cricket quotes for Instagram from legends like Sachin, Virat Kohli and more
5 Wellness Trends to Look Out For in 2021
2020 had a severe impact on our way of living, changing everything from the way we work and interact with others, to our day-to-day activities, hobbies, and even wellness trends. Most of us have ad...