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Four Indigenous Composers and a Piano From Colonial Times — Makin...
Nardi simpson plays the square piano, similar to one that arrived on the first fleet.
Trading Strategies with Options
Using Options to hedge against stock positions so that the cost outlay and risk exposure is lower. The post first appeared on .
Guru Tegh Bahadur Martyrdom Day
Shaheedi Divas or Martyrdom Day is observed by the Sikh community on 24th November every The post first appeared on .
If You’re Unemployed, Evaluate The Following Points
This year, many Americans have had their lives turned upside down due to massive lay-offs. Read about Unemployed Follow Simple Steps. Introduction This year, many Americans have had their lives...
What is the Bad Side of Technology?
— We all love the web. It’s the place where we get instant access to just about anything in the world. Whenever you get into unusual words or phrases, you usually quickly solve it with a Go...
Bullying [Podcast]
The LGBTQ+ community is no stranger to bullying.
Life Online: College Students’ Perspective on Remote Learning
In terms of effectiveness, there is not one single way to learn remotely.
Ghee vs Coconut oil everything you should know!
When it comes to Ghee vs coconut oil this has always been a debatable topic. Some people think ghee is better, and some support coconut oil. Though both Ghee and coconut oil are good for health i...
Getting Closer by Separation
How distance can improve a relationship.
How To Make Sense of the Hidden Decisions We Make in Life
The three categories for how people stack their priorities.
Emil Botvinnik has a Passionate Pursuit of Eternal Glory
— Professional motorcycle racing is arguably one of the hardest sports around, it requires incredible focus, a fearless nature, and a competitive drive, putting everything on the line to win....
The Different Kinds Of Internet Marketing Services in 2021- Amir Ar...
As companies strive to rank higher in search engine results. Read about some popular Internet Marketing Services in 2021 that you must know. Introduction As companies strive to rank higher...
Skin ‘Care’ Over Color
— Living in a time where hundreds of photos and videos idealizing ‘the perfect beauty image’ bombard people every day, making it almost impossible for them to remember the fact that beaut...
Twitter’s ‘Bean Dad’ Is Like Superman To a Recovering Helicop...
Sometimes a child has to learn to fly for themselves.
Join SpongeBob on a Wild Adventure in ‘Sponge on the Run’
Prepare for a crazy adventure in ‘Sponge on the Run’ SpongeBob SquarePants is a very popular character. The TV show has been on for a good amount of time, and there is all kinds of memo...
Which Landscapes Should We Restore First?
Scientists map and compare all of Earth’s landscapes to locate priority restoration areas.
Bamboo Straws: Sustainable Drinking Partners
Fast food is a significant part of human life these days. But we need to be aware of the things we use while there. Almost all fast-food chains offer drinks with plastic straws. While convenient an...
Aloe Vera and Honey Face Mask for Good-looking Skin
Bored of rough and dull skin? Buckle it up, girls! For this, homemade masks are the perfect skincare treatment. They are easy to prepare at home, so you can sit back and pamper yourself. Ever heard...
20 Quotes To Encourage You To Keep Going
For when you don’t feel so tough.
Where Is the Power To Face the Future With Courage and Gratitude
The people around you either strengthen your heart or weaken your knees.
One Venti Romance With No Fairytale Please
A modern-day play in five quotes, a divorce, and… a happily ever after?
Apache Spark Gives Lightning to BI and Advanced Analytics
We are living in the age of technological development. Digital progressions have totally transformed our normal lifestyle, and one of the main influences touched has become in the world of business...
3 Signs You’re Someone’s Second Choice — Their Safety Net
Don’t settle with someone that doesn’t make you a priority.
9 Painful Signs That Your Partner Is No Longer in Love With You
And what you can do to decide whether to salvage your relationship.
You Are Your Most Important Teacher (and What To Do About It)
What works to promote self as optimal learner?
How To Make Chipotle Carne Guisada At Home
The recipe I will be sharing with you all today is Carne Guisada from Chipotle is a hearty dish and makes a great meal. It is a Latin Beef Stew and is a perfect meal for dinner. I was surfing the i...
Dr. Seuss and the Value of Decolonizing Children’s Literature
While aiming to decolonize and deconstruct historically racist norms, they are still perpetuated through the books and narratives we grew up on.
The Simple Secrets To Making Barista Quality Coffee At Home
Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world and for many, it is a daily necessity. A day is just not right until you have had your perfect cup of coffee. For many, this often meant a visit to ...
What the Doctor Didn’t Tell Me
A letter to my oncologist.
5 Common Reasons Why People Get Divorced
— The decision to get a divorce is a tough one. You may have overwhelming feelings of isolation when you are in the middle of a divorce that nobody knows what you are going through. Sadness i...
How To Reinvent Yourself In 13 Effective Ways
Life is so unpredictable. With technological advancement, the concepts of certain skills acquisition or specific personality adoptions; are becoming obsolete. Self-driving cars will outsource drive...
Insects Face Calamitous Habitat Loss
Unless nations act fast, habitat loss could rob half of all insects of over half their habitat. Other creatures, too, could suffer in a 3°C warmer world.
15 Ways to Practice Self-Love Right Now
Helpful and practical tips for self-care. Read these ways to practice self-love so you can live life to your fullest potential.
How To Make Texas Black Bean Soup At Home
A soup is not only the perfect appetizer but can also be had as a meal. Today I will be sharing the recipe of Texas black bean soup.  You can choose the desired consistency of the soup as per your...
Bicycle vs. Car: Know Your Legal Options
— This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice. The debate about who is at fault in an accident involving a car and a bicycle is a common one. E...
When Can Employers Pay Less Than Minimum Wage?
— This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice. Many people wonder when an employer can pay less than minimum wage. There are a few instances wh...
Historia Nostra: Teaching and Learning History With Board Games
For many, board games conjure up memories of time spent with family and friends around the dinner table.
World Temperature Rise Nears Danger Level
If world temperature rises more than another 0.5°C, the consequences will be catastrophic for millions of the poorest people.
Vegas bomb Recipe | Ingredients | Nutritional Value| Instructions |...
Try impressing your friends out with Vegas bomb at your party. Here's everything from Vegas bomb Recipe | Ingredients | Nutritional Value| Instructions | Video Tutorial
Understanding Status Offense for a Juvenile
Definition of Status offense The definition of the status offense is, “A type of crime that is not based upon
Set Healthy Boundaries and Feel Free With Her
Healthy boundaries cultivate trust, respect, and the safety to just be you.
Birthing a Champion
We know how pregnancy and birth impacts mothers, but what of the father’s journey and how has the last year affected that?
Why Did Logan Paul And Josie Break Up? Read To Know All Details
The 25-year-old YouTuber Logan Paul has called it quits with girlfriend Josie Canseco. The YouTuber accidentally let it slip during a recent episode of his podcast. Logan had been dating the 24-yea...
How Spring Equinox is celebrated in different parts of the world
The spring equinox, also called the vernal equinox, is the official start of spring and The post first appeared on .
How to Set Up Your Own Home Music Studio
Having a passion for music can be one of the most expensive hobbies around. Paying for studio time often costs a lot more than the average person can afford. Rather than letting this dampen your cr...
How To Unclog a Bathtub Drain [Video]
The pipe right below the drain should have a bend in it, so if you do accidentally drop something in the hole you should be able to fish it out.